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2016 WaterSense«
Award Winners Save Water
Future Generations
WaterSense and its partners have helped Americans save 1.5 trillion gallons of water and
$32.6 billion in water and energy bills since the program began a decade ago. In 2015
alone, WaterSense labeled products saved 437 billion gallons of water. Through
collaborative efforts, WaterSense partners across the country continue to save water for
future generations.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to recognize four Sustained
Excellence Award winners and seven Partners of the Year for helping to advance and
promote WaterSense and water efficiency throughout 2015.
Delta Faucet Company
A two-time WaterSense Sustained Excellence winner, Delta Faucet Company
continues to raise awareness and educate consumers and trade professionals
about the WaterSense program and the benefits of WaterSense labeled products.
In 2015, the Delta brand partnered with Warrior Dash, a messy 5-kilometer
obstacle course race that hosts more than 34,000 muddy runners nationwide. As part of the partnership, Delta
launched its HappiMess campaign with a shower station featuring 69 WaterSense labeled showerheads. The
company's Brizo brand donated WaterSense labeled products to more than 30 homes as part of its St. Jude Dream
Home« sponsorship.
The Delta brand promoted WaterSense through online efforts,
including a water savings Twitter chat featuring WaterSense
representatives that garnered more than 300,000 impressions.
Delta celebrated Fix a Leak Week with a press release
encouraging water efficiency and promoting
WaterSense labeled products, which earned more than nine
million impressions.
Delta Faucet Company updated its Continuing Education Unit
(CEU) course on bath trends and products for architects,
designers, and other customers. The module includes	Runners wash off mud gt a Wamor Dash rgce |n |ndjana
information to help educate trade professionals about	where De|ta provided outdoor showering stations
WaterSense and its product specifications. More than 1,350 featuring WaterSense labeled showerheads.
trade professionals took the course in 2015.
PHONE (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) WEBSITE www.epa.gov/watersenseEMAlLwatersense@epa.gov
E P A-832- F-16-015
October 2016

2016 WaterSense« Award Winners Save Water for Future Generations
Kohler Co.
Four-time WaterSense Sustained Excellence winner Kohler Co. showcased creativity
in promoting water efficiency and WaterSense labeled products in 2015. The company
is one of the sponsors of "Change the Course," an outreach campaign developed by
Bonneville Environment Foundation, Participant Media, and National Geographic, where consumers were encouraged
to text pledges to reduce water use. Kohler donated WaterSense labeled products and used WaterSense messaging
throughout the campaign. Kohler also participated in "Connect the Drops," led by the sustainability nonprofit
organization Ceres, to help California policymakers ensure water efficiency targets are met in response to ongoing
To reach 2,000 San Francisco residents in need, Kohler created mobile showering stations featuring working models
of WaterSense labeled showerheads, toilets, and faucets. Kohler's showering stations were also installed at Bonnaroo,
a four-day music festival in Tennessee with more than 100,000 concertgoers, which Kohler promoted via an extensive
social media campaign. The company continued promoting WaterSense labeled products and messaging throughout
2015 with two Facebook campaigns, one centered around Earth Day and one a water-saving campaign, resulting in
more than 3.5 million impressions.
"There's always concern that
when you reduce the amount
of water it's going to affect
performance. With
WaterSense, you can save
water without sacrificing
performance, and we helped
show consumers that."
Rob Zimmerman
Director of Marketing, Projects,
Specifications, & Sustainability
Kohler Co.
During 2015, Kohler's "Bold Experience Tour" mobile traveling display visited
101 locations in 21 states. The semi-trailer, outfitted with working models of
WaterSense labeled toilets, faucets, and showerheads, demonstrated to
consumers and more than 14,500 plumbing professionals the benefits of
WaterSense labeled products. Kohler also partnered with Lowe's Home
Improvement, a WaterSense retail partner, on a national "Kohler Big Event"
marketing campaign that featured WaterSense labeled toilets, faucets, and
showerheads. In addition to its marketing campaign, Kohler collaborated with
WaterSense promotional partner Puget Sound Energy to provide WaterSense
labeled showerhead rebate information at local retail stores in the greater
Seattle area. The company also contributed to the Plumbing Efficiency
Research Coalition's study on the drainline transport of solid waste in
commercial buildings. Kohler engineers provided key analytical guidance to
help understand the impacts of lower flush volumes and other variables on
wastewater system performance.
The Home Depot
Now a two-time WaterSense Sustained Excellence winner, The Home Depot showed its
commitment to WaterSense through product promotion and outreach efforts in 2015. All
toilets and faucets sold in The Home Depot stores are WaterSense labeled, and the
company worked last year to ensure that all the showerheads it sells in its stores were
WaterSense labeled by September 2016. To drive sales of WaterSense labeled products,
The Home Depot offered more than $43.8 million in product markdowns. The retailer also
partnered with utilities to make more than 350 local utility rebates available to its customers.
This included a statewide campaign in California to provide $100 incentives for WaterSense
labeled toilets and a separate effort in 80 stores to offer instant rebates on WaterSense
labeled showerheads, the latter of which resulted in incentives on 50,000 showerheads sold.
The Home Depot made use of its extensive media and advertising platforms to promote WaterSense. The company
featured messaging about the program on blogs and articles and leveraged WaterSense content and infographics on
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest sites to gain nearly six million impressions. Print advertising and direct mail
that included information about WaterSense garnered close to two billion impressions.
In partnership with the Georgia Aquarium, The Home Depot installed an interactive, digital matching game that
features the WaterSense promotional label. If a pair of matching fish species is chosen, a water-saving tip is presented
to the participant. The company worked with several WaterSense utility partners to host Fix a Leak Week events at

2016 WaterSense« Award Winners Save Water for Future Generations
stores around the country. As the company geared up for its 2015 Earth Day event, The Home Depot invited a regional
WaterSense representative to its headquarters to educate attendees about water efficiency and collaborated with
WaterSense manufacturer partner Kohlerto promote WaterSense labeled products. The Home Depot also continued
hosting more than 50,000 web-based video courses to train sales associates on WaterSense and WaterSense labeled
KB Home
Two-time Sustained Excellence winner KB Home continues to fulfill its commitment to
sustainable and water-efficient homes. In 2015 alone, KB Home built 233 WaterSense
labeled homes, an increase of 142 percent compared to its labeled homes built in 2014.
Additionally, the company introduced four KB Home communities in California in which all
homes will be built to meet the WaterSense labeled homes specification. The company
also maintained its program commitment by including WaterSense labeled products in the
more than 8,000 homes built in 2015. KB Home has trained all of its employees on how to
explain and promote the benefits of WaterSense labeled products and has helped foster
business for certified irrigation professionals who help promote water savings outside of
the home.
Wth an eye on the future, KB Home collaborated with the Residential Energy Services Network, in partnership with the
Natural Resources Defense Council, EPA, and a coalition of water efficiency experts, homebuilders, environmental
organizations, and home energy professionals, to initiate an effort to develop the nation's first Water Efficiency Rating
Index to score homes based on their water efficiency.
KB Home continues to incorporate WaterSense program marks and information into its advertising, outreach, and
other promotional materials in print, online, and social media, thus broadening the reach of both its efforts and those of
WaterSense. KB Home invited an EPA representative to talk about WaterSense at a special media event focused on
water efficiency and the launch of the company's Sea Cliff community of WaterSense labeled homes in San Diego,
California. Company representatives highlighted WaterSense during presentations at building conferences and
provided content for WaterSense consumer and builder newsletters.
Athens-Clarke County (Georgia) Public Utilities Department
To earn its second Promotional Partner of the Year Award, the Athens-Clarke County
(Georgia) Public Utilities Department's Water Conservation Office (WCO) conducted a
number of unique consumer and commercial outreach activities to promote WaterSense
in 2015. Its Certified Blue restaurant conservation program, which started in 2012
with WaterSense at Work materials, expanded to include 33 local businesses, many of
which received pre-rinse spray valves and aerators from the utility. Children visiting
Certified Blue restaurants also received "We're for Water" kids' activity sheets while
waiting for meals.
The sixth Annual Athens Water Festival was a great success, with a 33 percent
increase in attendance compared to 2014 and 18 organizations providing tips on water
education to local families. During the festival, families could find the WaterSense logo, which was hidden in different
locations, to earn a free T-shirt. The hunt increased brand awareness of the logo by 72 percent of the participants. The
Little Lily Pad Hop Project promoted education and fun activities at local schools. The WCO distributed Froggie Care
Packages containing Fix a Leak bookmarks and other WaterSense goodies and materials to students in 21 elementary
school classrooms, reaching more than 1,000 families.

Public Utilities
water, wastewater, conservation.

2016 WaterSense« Award Winners Save Water for Future Generations
To bring water conservation to the cleaning industry, the utility developed a
partnership with Peachy Green Clean Co-op, a local cleaning service
cooperative. WCO trained Peachy Green's staff to find leaks, look for the
WaterSense label, and provide household water assessments. WCO also
provided free aerators and showerheads for Peachy Green's customers.
Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities really took the cake, however, when its
water conservation coordinator planned a water-efficient wedding and wrote a
blog post about the experience, titled "12 Ways I Saved Money and Water at
My Wedding." The article, featured in Bride 2 Be magazine, explained how to
work WaterSense and water efficiency into a wedding.
Citrus County (Florida) Utilities
Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities
Department educated children about
water efficiency at various events in 2015.
Citrus County (Florida) Utilities may be a small
utility, but it earned its Promotional Partner of the
Year Award by making a big splash in 2015 with
water efficiency education and other efforts. The utility sponsored a We're for Water
Classroom Challenge to teach 400 third through fifth grade students how to find and fix
leaks and save water at home. Teachers from eight county schools received lesson plans
that featured WaterSense materials and local water topics, and students tested 600 toilets
and identified 130 leaks for a potential water savings of 21,000 gallons a day. The
students were surprised to learn how many of their homes had leaks and were unaware.
The program helped the students gain a deeper insight into how to conserve water.
The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution that proclaimed March 16 through 20, 2015,
as Fix a Leak Week in Citrus County. Citrus County Utilities celebrated Fix a Leak Week with three different activities;
Schedule a Specialist, Facilities Checkup, and a Water Conservation Expo.
Results included: 69 customers participated in Schedule a Specialist; a local
bank received a facility check-up that saved over 400,000 gallons of water in 9
months; and 150 residents attended the Water Conservation Expo workshops,
where the utility distributed 54 WaterSense labeled showerheads and 104
faucet aerators.
"WaterSense helps us break
that barrier of lack of
knowledge. It's a respected
entity, and when people see
EPA WaterSense, they know
they can trust it."
Debra Burden
Water Conservation Manager
Citrus County Utilities
The utility used WaterSense's Shower Better infographic on a March bill stuffer
to promote WaterSense labeled showerheads and aerators, resulting in the
installation of 107 WaterSense labeled showerheads and 193 faucet aerators.
Through a cooperative funding initiative with the Withiacoochee Regional Water
Supply Authority, Citrus County Utilities connected with Southwest Florida
Water Management District, another WaterSense partner, and provided 46 free irrigation evaluations to customers.
The results from the first 12 participants showed a decrease in water use of nearly 500,000 gallons per year.
City of Charlottesville (Virginia)
2016 WaterSense« Award Winners Save Water for Future Generations
To promote WaterSense labeled toilets, the City of Charlottesville provided off-campus students at the University of
Virginia with more than 170 leak detection dye tablets and brochures on its rebate program. In March 2015, the city
held its Fix a Leak Week Family 5k, where 80 participants raced a "running toilet" to the finish line. As a result of these
efforts, 222 toilets were replaced with WaterSense labeled models in 2015. While the city actively promotes
WaterSense on social media throughout the year, during Fix a Leak Week it also leveraged the #FixALeak hashtag on
Twitter and Facebook. For the Shower Better campaign, the city partnered with its energy conservation and efficiency
program, EnergizelCharlottesville, to promote energy and water savings through a 5-minute Shower Challenge and
other tips. The city has also used the WaterSense Check, Twist, Replace message throughout the year, including a
barbershop quartet spot promoted on local and cable television to encourage the community to save water and use
WaterSense labeled products. Throughout 2015, the city used WaterSense infographics and videos on its website to
promote campaigns. The city also used 321 total tweets with water efficiency messaging.
The City of Charlottesville has an active program to engage with the public, particularly younger audiences, at different
events throughout the year. All events provide information about the WaterSense program and labeled products. The
city has customized several WaterSense documents, including the Fix a Leak Week activity page, and includes the
WaterSense partner logo on its own products. The WaterSense mascot, Flo, is also a frequent visitor to city events,
with her travels featured on social media. During the summer, a Blue Team comprised of middle and high school
students visited homeowners to provide tips and conservation kits. Overall, the city handed out more than 600 water
conservation kits and an additional 500 WaterSense labeled faucet aerators to Charlottesville residents.
Cobb County (Georgia) Water System
Cobb County (Georgia) Water System, a five-time winner of the WaterSense
Promotional Partner of the Year Award, maximized its water savings potential by
actively participating in all 2015 WaterSense campaigns. Fix a Leak Week
showcased the utility's biggest event, the third annual Water Drop Dash 5k and
Water Festival. Coinciding with Shower Better Month, Cobb County partnered
with The Home Depot during the WaterSense and ENERGY STAR« sales tax
holiday October 2 through 4, 2015, to rebate 42 toilets. This effort led to a 100
percent rise in rebates for WaterSense labeled products compared to Cobb
County's average weekend rebated purchases in 2015.
In June 2015, Cobb County introduced Tappy the Turtle, its new mascot, who talks about the WaterSense program
and other water-efficient activities on Facebook and Twitter. Tappy wears a "We're for Water" button and encourages
residents to follow him and WaterSense messaging on his social media page. Education was also a focus during
WaterSense's Sprinkler Spruce-Up campaign. Cobb County's "Ask an Expert" traveling display visited garden clubs,
environmental fairs, and community events to educate customers about efficient watering practices.
Cobb County Water System took advantage of the WaterSense hhOtel Challenge in 2015 and worked with other
WaterSense partners Green Plumbers USA and Niagara Conservation to install WaterSense labeled Stealth toilets at
interested hotels. Summer efforts focused on outdoor water efficiency, and Cobb County promoted irrigation
professionals certified by a WaterSense labeled program in its "What to Ask Your Irrigation Professional" handout. The
utility also worked with the Water Research Foundation in 2015 on a drought cost-benefit analysis tool to research a
new project on water use in multi-family buildings and water supply planning.
Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District
The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District is being recognized for its first
Promotional Partner of the Year Award. In 2015, the Metro Water District celebrated the more
than 100,000 toilets in its region that were replaced in recent years with more efficient
WaterSense labeled models by launching the Great Plumbing Fixture Giveaway. The Metro
Water District partnered with a WaterSense manufacturer partner, TOTO USA Inc., to nominate
nonprofit organizations, and residents voted via social media to select a winner. TOTO provided
the winner with $1,000 worth of WaterSense labeled fixtures, while runners-up received free
Cobb County...Expect the Best!

2016 WaterSense« Award Winners Save Water for Future Generations
water audits from a local plumber. The Metro Water District also used WaterSense at Work's best management
practices to target the highest commercial water users in the area with water audits.
In conjunction with Fix a Leak Week 2015, the
Metro Water District sponsored its annual
Water Drop Dash 5k and Water Festival with
more than 500 runners. The top four runners
received $50 gift cards to The Home Depot, a
WaterSense retailer partner. The Metro Water
District used Fix a Leak Week graphics on its
banners and distributed WaterSense's kids'
activity worksheets and bookmarks at the
race. Staff were interviewed about the festival
on a popular local radio show, "Dave Baker
Home Improvement."
The Metro Water District provided The Home Depot's plumbing department managers at regional stores with "Hot
Tips" about its rebate programs; during the Georgia Sales Tax Holiday, it distributed a tool kit with fliers, press
releases, and website messaging featuring WaterSense. In collaboration with the University of Georgia Extension, the
Metro Water District finalized its Water-Wise Landscape Guide highlighting WaterSense labeled products. The Metro
Water District also held its second annual calendar contest. Residents were asked to submit photos of regional water
resources and the top photo highlighting water conservation in action was included in a calendar, which also featured
the WaterSense partner logo.
Energy Inspectors Corporation
Since its inception 20 years ago, Energy Inspectors Corporation has continued to expand its
green building programs and has now earned its fourth WaterSense Licensed Certification
^Provider Partner of the Year Award. In 2015, the company certified 233 homes for KB Home,
a WaterSense builder partner, to meet the WaterSense labeled homes specification, more
than double the number of homes the organization certified in 2014.
Through its partnership with KB Home, Energy Inspectors Corporation emphasized the
ENERGY INSPECTORS« benefits of implementing water-saving measures as homes are built. Heightened by severe
drought in California, the company successfully drew attention to the merits of the WaterSense program to its builder
clients, resulting in an increased number of homes certified. Energy Inspectors Corporation also trained an additional
inspector to perform WaterSense specification inspections, totaling 12 trained inspectors to date. Energy Inspectors
Corporation also incorporated WaterSense into its messaging for builders and installing trades across the Southwest
to further the reach of the program.
Sonoma-Marin (California) Saving Water Partnership
Three-time WaterSense Professional Certifying Organization Partner of the Year Sonoma-
Marin Saving Water Partnership (SMSWP) continues to expand its WaterSense labeled
Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) certification program, in 2015, SMSWP
worked with six new organizations in Idaho, California, and New Mexico, which might not
otherwise have had the resources to develop a certification curriculum, to adopt the QWEL
program. SMSWP also directly helped more than 65 irrigation professionals to earn
certification through its WaterSense labeled program. One of SMSWP's staff contributed to
an article in Turf Magazine promoting the benefits of being certified by a WaterSense
More than 500 runners participated in the Metro Water District's annual
Water Drop Dash 5k and Water Festival for Fix a Leak Week 2015.
cV	%
"O	A

2016 WaterSense« Award Winners Save Water for Future Generations
labeled program. Another staff member presented to the Independent Technical Panel highlighting the low-cost
approach of the QWEL program.
The Partnership regularly communicates with QWEL certified professionals in the Bay Area of California to make them
aware of WaterSense-related events and continuing education opportunities. SMSWP also participated in local
outreach events to promote QWEL professionals to consumers. At the 2015 Sonoma County Fair, SMSWP displayed
information on how to make lawns more water-efficient and introduced residents to QWEL certified irrigation
professionals. SMSWP included QWEL booths and displays at events with WaterSense retailer partner The Home
Depot during a plant sale and WaterSense promotional partner City of Santa Rosa (California) at a do-it-yourself
Drought Solutions event. SMSWP also engaged in state initiatives to promote WaterSense training and certification as
California continues to address water conservation during its drought.
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WaterSense congratulates all of the 2016 Sustained Excellence Award winners and Partners of the Year. For more
information about the WaterSense Partner of the Year awards and to learn about the benefits of partnership,
visit www.epa.gov/watersense.