U.S. Environmental Protection Agency	17-N-0219
\ Office of Inspector General	May 18,2017
At a Glance
What Are Management
According to the Government
Performance and Results Act
Modernization Act of 2010,
major management challenges
are programs or management
functions, within or across
agencies, that have greater
vulnerability to waste, fraud,
abuse and mismanagement,
where a failure to perform well
could seriously affect the ability
of an agency or the federal
government to achieve its
mission or goals.
EPA's Fiscal Year 2017 Management Challenges
What We Found
Attention to agency management challenges could result in stronger
results and protection for the public, and increased confidence in
management integrity and accountability.
The EPA Needs to Improve Oversight of States, Territories and Tribes
Authorized to Accomplish Environmental Goals:
 The EPA has made important progress, but our work continues to identify
challenges throughout agency programs and locations, and many of our
recommendations are still not fully implemented.
As required by the Reports	The EPA Needs to Improve Its Workload Analysis to Accomplish Its Mission
Consolidation Act of 2000,	Efficiently and Effectively:
we are providing issues we	#	neec|S identify its workload needs so that it can more effectively
consider as the U.S.	prioritize and allocate limited resources to accomplish its work.
Environmental Protection
Agency's (EPA's) major
management challenges for	The EPA Needs to Enhance Information Technology Security to Combat
fiscal year 2017.	Cyber Threats:
 Though the EPA continues to initiate actions to further strengthen or improve
its information security program, the agency lacks a holistic approach to
managing accountability over its contractors, and lacks follow-up on
corrective actions taken.
This report addresses all of the
EPA's strategic goals and
cross-agency strategies.
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