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10 Years of Saving
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10 Years

WaterSense Turns 10
It started with a request in 2003 from more than 100 stakeholders, including
manufacturers, retailers, water utilities, states, local governments, and non-
governmental organizations. They saw a need for water efficiency in the face of
growing population, infrastructure needs, increasing costs, and drought. In view
of the successful ENERGY STAR® program, these stakeholders approached
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop a similar public-private
partnership program for water. In 2006, EPA launched the WaterSense
"Americans today are embracing products that are fuel-efficient and
energy-efficient—and now there will be products that are water-efficient."
—Stephen L. Johnson, former EPA Administrator
Together with its partners, WaterSense has helped to transform the
marketplace for water-efficient products and services that use water indoors
and out. This helps to conserve water resources and reduce water and
wastewater infrastructure costs by helping communities provide safe water
to a larger population without having to expand their infrastructure.
"WaterSense is the symbol for water conservation."
—Shaw Air Force Base (South Carolina)
WaterSense Mission and Vision
Our mission is to:
>	Transform the marketplace for products and services that use water
>	Promote a nationwide ethic of water efficiency to conserve water resources
for future generations and reduce water infrastructure costs
Our vision is that all Americans will understand the importance of water
efficiency and take actions to reduce their water use—in their homes, outdoors,
and at work.
Over the years, WaterSense has become a symbol of water efficiency and a trusted resource for both partners and
consumers. This trust is built on the foundation of independent third-party certification of products, backed by the
credibility of EPA. Consumers know that the WaterSense label provides added peace of mind that the products
they purchase will perform as well as or better AND use at least 20 percent less water than standard models.
"it [the label] provides an easy-to-understand and uniform visual cue to
consumers who are looking for water-efficient products." -Kohier Co.
WaterSense is...
...a label for water-
efficient products
...a resource for helping
Americans save water
...a way to reduce
water and wastewater
infrastructure costs
...a catalyst for innovation
in manufacturing.

Specifications Secure Savings
WaterSense Labeled Products
In less than a decade, WaterSense has sparked market transformation
across the United States and Canada for plumbing and irrigation
products that save water, energy, and money. Since 2007, more
than 21,000 product models of toilets, faucets, faucet accessories,
showerheads, irrigation controllers, flushing urinals, and pre-rinse
spray valves have earned the label by being tested and independently
certified to meet EPA's criteria for efficiency and performance. Better
yet, products come in a variety of styles and price points that can meet
design and cost needs.
More than 5,000 new models earned the label in 2016, and nearly 68
million individual WaterSense labeled products were shipped. Faucets
and faucet accessories, such as aerators, are the leading labeled product,
followed by showerheads and toilets. And for the first time in 2016, the
flushometer-valve toilets found in commercial and institutional facilities
could earn the WaterSense label; 350 models earned the label in 2016.
350 (
Irrigation Controllers
Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
Labeled Models as of December 31,2016
provides us with a
standard to promote
water efficiency and
conservation throughout
the United States."
—Delta Faucet Company
Total WaterSense Labeled Product Models


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WaterSense Labeled Programs
The WaterSense label was first earned in 2006 by certification
programs that focus on water-efficient techniques and technologies,
including those for certified irrigation system designers, auditors, and
installation and maintenance professionals. Since then, thousands
of pros have been certified and gained an edge in the competitive
marketplace. To find an irrigation professional certified by a
WaterSense labeled program, homeowners and businesses can use
the Directory of Certified Professionals, which WaterSense launched
in 2016 at www.epa.gov/watersense/find-pro.

Celebrating a Decade of
In addition to promoting innovation in plumbing and manufacturing design at all price points
and styles, WaterSense is helping millions of consumers and businesses save water, energy,
and money with high-performing products. More than 1,800 WaterSense partners create
sustainable jobs for thousands of Americans, from delivering clean water to consumers and
promoting water conservation to producing, promoting, and selling efficient plumbing fixtures.
More than 2,600 certified professionals are designing, installing, maintaining, and auditing
smarter irrigation systems.
WaterSense labeled products don't just save water—with their efficient
design, they reduce the amount of energy needed to heat water used for
cleaning up, washing dishes, showering, and shaving. And those savings add
up to dollars saved on utility bills by consumers and businesses every month!
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2 4 ftiiSlliAM gallons of water
¦ I lallllWH saved since 2006!
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2007 - 2013
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####################### gallons
4444444	2016
That's IflOPG than the amount
of water used by all U.S. households
for 75 days!

iving Water, Energy, and Money
lore than 1.850
lanizational partners.

Partner Totals by State
110 - 19 Q 20 - 29 | 30 - 39 Q 40+
...and more than 2y625
irrigation pros certified
WaterSense labeled programs
raterSense has helped
tduce the amount of
nergy needed to heat,
jmp, and treat water by
184 billion
lowatt hours, '
iough to supply
/ear's worth
power to more than
Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Dept.
American Standards Brands
The Home Depot
HydroPoint Data Systems
Kohler Co./
S Judy Benson

^ 5* Delta Faucet Company
Cascade Water Alliance
Niagara Conservation Corporation
WaterSense recognizes partners that go above and beyond to
advance and promote WaterSense and water efficiency through its
annual awards program. Since 2008, 55 partners have been
recognized—some multiple times. In 2016, the program gave nine
Excellence, seven Partner of the Year, and four Sustained
Excellence awards. These Sustained Excellence Award winners
have demonstrated commitment to WaterSense for multiple years:
Kohler Co., a four-time winner; and Delta Faucet Company, The
Home Depot, and KB Home, which have each received the honor
twice. Sustained Excellence awardees and all Partners of the Year
since 2008 are shown above, with 2016 winners in orange.
and saving
$46.3 billion
in water and energy bills

Focused Support Drives Savings
Saving in Homes
WaterSense labeled homes are designed for water efficiency and performance,
making it easy for homeowners in single- or multi-family homes to save water,
energy, and money. Two-time WaterSense Sustained Excellence winner KB
Home continues to lead the way in building WaterSense labeled homes,
completing 265 in 2016 alone, including an entire community in West Covina,
California (pictured at left).
With water-efficient showerheads, ENERGY STAR certified appliances, and efficient hot water distribution systems
that decrease the time it takes to deliver hot water, WaterSense labeled homes save both water and energy To
bring this energy and water savings to residents of apartments and condominiums, WaterSense and ENERGY
STAR initiated work on a water benchmarking score for multi-family homes in 2016.
Saving Outdoors
To help reduce outdoor water waste, WaterSense promotes three "Ps"—
products, practices, and people. Designing water-smart landscapes that
are well-suited for the local climate, installing WaterSense labeled irrigation
controllers, and hiring irrigation professionals certified by WaterSense
labeled programs help reduce peak water demand and stress on existing
water supplies in summer and year-round.
In 2016, a new #WaterSavingYard EPA Pinterest board showed ways to be
water-smart outdoors by including native plants and grouping plants by
water needs. In 2016, the number of WaterSense labeled weather-based
irrigation controllers grew to 332, a 63 percent increase from the previous
year. New, innovative models allow users to adjust their systems simply by opening an app on their smartphone.
WaterSense also released a draft specification for pressure-regulating spray sprinkler bodies for public comment
in 2016 and began a joint webinar series with the Alliance for Water Efficiency on a range of outdoor water
efficiency topics.
Saving for Business
WaterSense provides commercial and institutional (C&l) facility managers,
building owners, and designers with a variety of resources to help them
save water, energy, and operating costs. In 2016, WaterSense coordinated
with ENERGY STAR on a series of webinars focused on different aspects of
commercial water use and efficiency, called "Tackling WaterSense." These
recorded webinars, best management practices, and case studies are available
on the WaterSense website to help facilities be more water-efficient.
"I teach a community college class on water supply, and the (C&l) case
studies that WaterSense collected are very useful/'
—Castaic Lake Water Agency (Santa Clarita, California)
Water-efficient yards are beautiful in..

Communications Reach Consumers
WaterSense and Partner Campaigns
In addition to labeling products, homes, and programs, WaterSense
partners with utilities, retailers, and other organizations to educate
the public about ways to reduce water use by providing the
framework, tools, and topics for educational campaigns. Following
are just a few of the efforts undertaken in 2016:
• Fix a Leak Week: During the third week of March, WaterSense
partners across the country encouraged consumers to be
"leak detectives" and chase down the more than 1 trillion
gallons of water wasted through leaks.
Chasing Leaks 5K Run/Walk in Fort Worth, Texas
Sprinkler Spruce-Up: During the first weekend in May,
partners promoted the WaterSense message to inspect,
connect, direct, and select their way to a more efficient
landscape irrigation system.
Go With a Pro: EPA reminded consumers and organizations Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, Sprinkler Spruce-Up
„ , , , ,	promotional material
to select a professional certified by a WaterSense labeled
program with a series of graphics and an animated video. Colorado Springs Utilities' Water Smart
Landscaper ProSeries, for example, trained landscapers while introducing and promoting WaterSense.
Niagara Conservation
Corporation's drought
• Shower Better: During Shower Better month in
October, the states of Georgia and Virginia provided a
statewide sales tax holiday on all WaterSense labeled
products, giving consumers a double win on water and
energy savings.
Metropolitan North Georgia's
Showering Better video
When in Drought...or Not WaterSense materials and video demonstrated how
to make every drop count in California and other areas impacted by drought.
Manufacturer partner Niagara Conservation Corporation's #WhatTheFlush
campaign encouraged the switch to WaterSense labeled toilets.
"We couldn't do what we do without WaterSense."
—City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management

Spreading the Word
In 2016, WaterSense received 3 billion media impressions with a
corresponding ad value of $3 million. More than half of the program's
media hits mentioned the WaterSense label, helping to spread
the word to look for and find WaterSense labeled products while
increasing consumer awareness of the brand. Consumers searched
more than 100,000 times for WaterSense labeled products through
the program's product search tool. WaterSense was mentioned in the
Chicago Sun-Times and magazines, Money and Consumer Reports,
just to name a few.

WaterSense for the Future
If you're new to the program or want to become WaterSense-sawy, remember these points:
>	WaterSense is both an informational resource and a label for products
that are independently certified to use at least 20 percent less water and
perform as well or better than standard models,
>	WaterSense is a voluntary partnership program that works with thousands
of organizations to promote innovation, jobs, and savings from water-
efficient products, homes, and programs.
•	Our utility and promotional partners use WaterSense campaigns and
communications to enhance their water conservation efforts and reduce
the need for infrastructure investments.
•	Our manufacturer partners research, develop, and create products that
save Americans water, energy, and money.
•	Our retail partners promote and discount WaterSense labeled products and educate customers about
the value of water efficiency.
•	Our builder partners construct the smart homes of tomorrow that are certified to save water inside and out,
•	Our organizational partners educate and certify professionals on water-saving irrigation technologies
and techniques,
•	Facility owners, operators, and designers can have WaterSense at Work with the program's commercial
and institutional best management practices.
"We see such value in the WaterSense mark that we have moved to
100 percent WaterSense labeled toilets, lavatory faucets, and
showerheads in our 1,978 U.S. stores."	-The Home Depot
What's Next?
In 2017, WaterSense is focused on product labeling in two new product categories—pressure-
reguiating sprinkler bodies and bath and shower diverters. When spray sprinklers operate under
higher-than-norma! pressure, they can waste large amounts of water, but regulating the pressure
can save water in landscape irrigation systems. Because the diverters that switch water from the
tub spout to the showerhead can also ieak large amounts of water, WaterSense is iooking into
labeling these products to minimize water waste. In the multi-family housing arena, the program
is looking to develop a water-use benchmark for these buildings in conjunction with the ENERGY
STAR program. Stay tuned for more savings opportunities!
To learn more about WaterSense, visit www.epa.gov/watersense.
PHONE (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) WEBSITEwww.epa.gov/watersense EMAILwatersense@epa.gov	'S'ERA juiSo 17"17 004