Flood water can make the
air in your home unhealthy.
Clean and dry
your house and
everything in it.
/ An N-95
(Hardware stores
usually sell them.)
/ Goggles
y Gloves
/ Long pants, long-
sleeved shirt, and
boots or work
Glean and dry hard surfaces. Throw
away anything that was wet with
flood water and can't be cleaned.
This is because when
things get wet for more
than 2 days they usually
get moldy. There may
also be germs and bugs in
your home after a flood.
ww. epa.gov/ iaq/ flood
Flood Cleanup and the
Air in Your Home
Portable Generator
EPA 402-H-0";
Revised Sept, 2017
Use portable
far away from
the building.
The exhaust, or
fumes, from a
portable generator
could kill you in
minutes if you
breathe it in!