HVAC Quality Installation
Getting the Right Fit with Quality Installation
Southampton, MA
Ned and Nancy Polan contacted several contractors after
deciding to install central air conditioning in their house.
Wilson Services, based in Northampton, MA, set
themselves apart by taking measurements of each room in
the house and doing calculations to determine the
appropriate equipment. The Polans received a range of
equipment recommendations and price proposals,
including one for significantly larger and more expensive air
conditioning equipment, but they had more confidence in
the system recommended by Wilson Services because of
their thorough approach. "Of four contractors, only one did
any kind of measurements," Ned said. Wilson Sen/ices
explained that for optimal performance a system should be
designed and sized properly for the home, and that bigger
equipment is not always better.
The Polans wanted an efficient system, so they asked
about ENERGY STAR equipment. Their contractor told
them that in addition to selecting equipment with a high
efficiency rating, he could ensure that the whole system
would operate more efficiently by performing an ENERGY
STAR Quality Installation. The ENERGY STAR Quality
Installation program is offered by Western Massachusetts
Electric Company through the COOL SMART program.
Wilson Services is one of the contractors trained to offer
this specialized service to provide maximum efficiency and
comfort in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
The measurements and sizing calculations performed by
Wilson Services were the first steps for ENERGY STAR
Quality Installation. Then during installation, the contractor
sealed the ductwork to minimize leakage of cooled air and
tested to make sure that the new system had proper levels
of air flow and refrigerant.
After the installation, COOL SMART staff conducted
independent testing to verify that the system passed the
ENERGY STAR Quality Installation requirements. The
Polans valued the testing done by the COOL SMART
technician. "He was super. It was great to have someone
independent checking to make sure things were done
right." Then Wilson Services submitted the installation file
to COOL SMART and the Polans earned rebates toward
the cost of their equipment and installation.
A year later, after a hot, humid summer, the Polans are
very happy with their new air conditioning system. When
asked if they would recommend the ENERGY STAR
Quality Installation program and their contractor, Ned said
"Absolutely, and I already have!"
The ENERGY STAR Quality Installation program is offered
by EPA in partnership with utility companies in several
states. Benefits of the program include:
>	Up to 30%savings on heating and cooling costs
>	Increased comfort throughout the home
>	Improved system efficiency and air distribution
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