Challenge Team
Creating a team is an important element in developing, implementing, and promoting your participation in the
ENERGY STAR Challenge. Assemble the team that best suits your needs and fits with your available resources.
1. Top level official
or executive:
County Commissioner
Chief Executive Officer
President of Organization
Neighborhood Board Member
School Principal
Support from the highest level shows the commitment you have to improving
energy use and to motivating others to do the same. This support can be used
to engage your community at all levels.
2. Someone involved in how
the buildings are operated:
Energy Manager
Facilities Manager
Environmental Manager
Sustainability Coordinator
An energy manager, facilities manager, environmental manager, or sustainability
coordinator can be key in helping improve the energy performance of the
buildings in your community. They can help set internal policies and practices
that will help reduce energy consumption, and they can be the ones to track the
progress of these efforts.
These individuals can also help train members within the community on tools
and resources available to help improve energy performance. They can host
in-person events for different parts of the community (e.g. hospitals, schools,
corporations), Web conferences on different subjects related to energy
management, and gather support from other groups that have similar energy
and environmental goals.
3. Someone to work with
the media:
Communications Specialist
Public Relations Specialist
Someone from communications or public relations can help promote your
successes in energy efficiency to the community and can also use materials
from the ENERGY STAR Challenge Toolkit.
4. Someone who works with
the broader community:
Community Development
Community Outreach
Economic Development
This individual can help engage the broader community on why improving their
energy performance matters and how they and their community can benefit
from doing so.
5. Someone from the Planning
and Zoning Department
Planning and zoning offices may help create incentives for builders that
incorporate energy efficiency into their designs.
ENERGY STARŪ is a government-backed program helping businesses
and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.