ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washers Save Money,
Please Residents
It's a smart business trifecta:
the property manager trims costs while
making the building owner look good—
and drawing praise from residents.
What's the key? ENERGY STAR qualified
clothes washers.
Wily does Colesville Towers, a high-
end apartment building in Silver Spring,
Maryland, feature 14 brand new energy-
efficient LG washing machines—
installed three years before the route
operating contract came up for renewal?
Depends who you ask.
The ENERGY STAR qualified LG High-Efficiency Front Load Washer consumes 50 percent less water and
energy than conventional models.
The laundry operator, Coinmach, saw
an opportunity to provide residents with
an environmentally friendly, cost-saving
The property manager, Realty
Management Services (RMS), was
lured by lower utility bills, less
maintenance, and the market appeal
of a greener building.
The owner liked the face-lift to the
laundry facility, as well as the building's
new environmental credibility.
At the center of the deal is the
ENERGY STAR brand: the new
washers are 50% more water and
energy efficient than standard
commercial units, and are expected
to save Colesville Towers about
$2,600 a year on its utility bills.
The LG model offers a range of benefits
that appealed to the property' manager.
With no belts or pulleys, the machines
vibrate less and are therefore quieter.
With fewer parts and less vibration,
maintenance requirements shrink.
The machines have a longer life and
larger capacities, and offer superior
cleaning performance using less water
and detergent. Because the washers get
clothes dryer in the final spin cycle,
the dryers don't have to ran as long,
which boosts the energy savings. The
LG model also has enhanced security to
protect against theft and vandalism.
A change out of an entire laundry
facility doesn't happen every day,
especially in the middle of a contract.
An upscale residential property built in 1966 with
272 apartment homes, Colesville Towers is located
in downtown Silver Spring, MD. The building is just
five minutes from the Silver Spring Metro, a lively
pedestrian mall, restaurants, and shops. Realty
Management Services, established in 1988 and
headquartered in Bethesda, MD, has managed
the property since 1998. Ross Development &
Investment, also in Bethesda, owns the building.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR
Qualified Washers
•	ENERGY STAR qualified clothes
washers deliver superior cleaning
•	The machines are environmentally
friendly, cutting energy and water
use by 50%.
•	The machines' larger capacities
allow residents to reduce the
number of loads of laundry they
have to wash each week. Large
items, such as comforters, also fit.
•	The machines are gentle on
clothes, which means clothes last
longer. The machines can even
handle hand-washables.
•	Residents need use only one-
quarter cup of high-efficiency
detergent per load.
•	The machines require less
maintenance and are quieter
than conventional models.
•	The design meets ADA
accessibility guidelines.
It took the vision of several key players
to move the project forward. Together
they considered concerns about cost,
maintenance, disruption to resident
schedules, and the residents" reaction
to the new machines.
The U.S. Department of Energy
(DOE) manages the ENERGY STAR
program for appliances. DOE contacted
Coinmach—an especially active partner
in the ENERGY STAR program—about
conducting a case study. "Very few
apartment buildings have ENERGY
STAR qualified washers, but these
machines offer 50% savings in energy
and water," says DOE's Rick Orrison.
"Imagine the impact if every property
switched to ENERGY STAR washers."
Timothy Seitz, Senior Vice President,
Coinmach, championed the project.
Coinmach approached Beth Ross,
president of RMS and a long-time
customer, with the idea. For the sake of
utility bill savings—and the opportunity
to make the building greener—Ross was
willing to renegotiate the contract with
Coinmach early.
"In this kind of economy, savings
are paramount," says Ross. "All the
owners of the buildings we manage
are expecting expense reduction. If we
can show energy efficiencies, that will
be huge. And the opportunity to pilot
something [green] was really exciting."
Scott Ross, one of the building's
owners, was also pleased that the change
out included credit card readers and
the Check My Wash program. This
Web-based service allows residents to
determine when washers and dryers are
available and find out how much time is
left before cycles end.
"The old machines consumed massive
amounts of energy and water," he notes.
"With all the concern about energy,
we can't afford to not recognize these
opportunities. The payment mechanism
is also safer, so we have the opportunity
to replace the old machines with systems
that won't be abused or fail. If these new
machines increase safety, security, and
efficiency for our residents, we will have
done our job."
Coinmach installed all of the LG
washers, as well as 14 new Speed Queen
dryers. Beth Ross also decided to take
the opportunity to overhaul the laundry
room, a renovation that helped sell the
project to the owners. The renovation
included painting, cleaning the terrazzo
floors, and installing new blinds and
clothes folding areas, which put the
room out of service for 5 days. During
that time, residents were able to use
the laundry facilities at another RMS
building across the street.
To ensure that residents understand
the benefits of the washers and that
they know how to operate them
properly, Coinmach worked with RMS
to explain the new machines. Efforts
included door hangers, signs in the
laundry room, a letter to residents,
and a ribbon-cutting event.
"We wanted to be sure that everyone
understood the motivation for the
change and was completely satisfied
with the results," said Ned Tintendo,
Regional Manager for RMS.
Residents were told that they will have
to pay higher vending fees to do a load
of laundry, but that the washers have
much greater capacity, so they can do
more laundry at once. Residents can
also use significantly less detergent,
as ENERGY STAR qualified clothes
washers require no more than one-
quarter cup to get clothes clean. This is a
crucial detail, since too much detergent
can cause the machine to overflow.
To get the point across, Coinmach
distributed laundry cups at the ribbon
cutting. Residents also received samples
of high-efficiency detergent, which the
machines require to achieve the best
cleaning performance. The evening

event, which included residents and
speakers from RMS, Coinmach,
ENERGY STAR, LG, and the local
government, emphasized the new
washers" superior environmental
performance, the Check My Wash
program, and proper operation of
the machines.
Both Scott Ross and Beth Ross are
interested in changing to ENERGY
STAR qualified washers in their other
properties if these machines deliver the
savings they expect, and if residents and
maintenance staff are satisfied
with them.
The company did receive a lone
complaint from a resident who felt the
change out only benefited the building
owner, in the form of lower utility bills.
However, Property Manager Dana
Green reports that most residents have
stopped by to say that they are pleased
with the change.
Long-time resident Janice Vaughan
finds a lot to like in the new machines.
"They're quieter and they're user
friendly. You don't have to use as much
detergent, which is nice. And I think
they get the clothes cleaner."
The efficient washers and the new
laundry center also draw the attention
of prospective renters. "It has been
a definite plus when we're touring,"
Green says. "You'd be surprised. A lot
of people are going in the direction
of green."
The switch to ENERGY STAR clothes washers is
expected to shave about $2,600 off the property's
utility bills each year.
By the Numbers
Number of Apartments
Water Rate
$6.21 per 1,000 gallons
Gas Rate
$1.29 per therm
Electric Rate
$0.1375 per kWh

14 Speed Queen Washers (7 years old)
14 LG High-Efficiency Front Load Washers
Water Consumption per Load
33.5 gallons
12.9 gallons
Washer Capacity
2.69 cubic feet
3.52 cubic feet
14 Speed Queen Gas Dryers (7 years old)
14 Speed Queen Commercial Gas Dryers
Number of Cycles per
Washer per Year
Energy and Water
Cost Savings*
$2,600 per year (projected)
'Projected cost savings include energy savings from both washers and dryers and assume utility rates don't change over time.
Savings could be higher if residents wash fewer loads of laundry due to larger washer capacity or if utility rates increase.



| Energy Costs

^ Water Costs









Key Factors of Success
•	Start educating residents about
the new washers as soon as
possible and highlight the
benefits to users.
•	Overcome objections to higher
vend prices by encouraging
residents to take advantage of
the larger capacity washers and
do bigger loads.
•	Remind residents to use just
one-quarter cup of high-
efficiency detergent per load
to ensure that the machines
operate properly.

The U.S. Department of Energy
(DOE) manages the ENERGY
STAR appliances, windows, and
lighting programs. DOE also heads
the ENERGY STAR for Institutional
Markets Program, which helps
multifamily building owners, public
housing authorities, state and local
governments, and colleges and
universities save money and energy
using ENERGY STAR qualified
products and practices.
D&R International is an energy and
environmental consulting firm dedicated
to helping its clients increase the
resource efficiency of homes, buildings,
schools, and businesses. It implements a
wide range of programs and projects on
behalf of DOE, including the ENERGY
STAR programs for lighting, windows,
and appliances.
Coinmach Service Corporation is the
leading provider of laundry equipment
services in North America. The
company's route customer base includes
owners of rental apartment buildings,
property management companies,
condominiums and cooperatives,
universities, and other multi-family
housing properties.
Realty Management Services (RMS),
established in 1988, manages 31
residential properties in Maryland,
Virginia, and Washington, DC. RMS
is one of the most active multifamily
property management companies in the
Washington metropolitan area.
Ari Reeves
Project Manager, ENERGY STAR
for Institutional Markets
D&R International, Ltd.
1300 Spring Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Richard Orrison
EE-2J/L'Enfant Plaza Building
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20585-1615
richard. orrison@ee. doe .gov
Elaine De Lude
Vice President, Marketing
Realty Management Services, Inc.
7910 Woodmont Ave, Suite 350
Bethesda, MD 20814
ENERGY STAR is a joint program of
the U.S. Department of Energy and
the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency designed to help businesses
and consumers identify the most
energy-efficient products on the
market. Products in more than
60 categories are eligible for the
ENERGY STAR label. Learn more
David Siegel
Senior Vice President,
Mid-Atlantic Region
Coinmach Service Corporation
6740 Business Pkwy.
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