Industrial SPPI Partner Teaming Profile
Service/Product Provider
Industrial Partner
FLSmidth Inc.
2040 Avenue C
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Titan Florida Cement - Pennsuco Plant
11000 NW 121st Way
Medley, FL 33178
Business: Industrial Equipment Manufacturer
and Services Provider
Business: Cement Manufacturing
Jeffery Sharratt
Manager - Operational Support Services
Phone: 610-264-6932
Email: Jefferv.sharratt@flsmidth.com
Dan Crowley
Plant Manager
Phone: 305-364-2210
Email: DCrowlev@titanamerica.com
FLSmidth reduces energy at processing facilities saving Titan Florida Cement $55,000 annually
Project Scope
FLSmidth Inc. (FLS) evaluated heat efficiency, power efficiency, processes, mechanical operation and
controls for the crushing and vertical coal mill systems at the Titan Florida Cement - Pennsuco Plant.
Project Summary
FLS provided equipment operational analysis, energy analysis, design recommendations, and
operational support identified during the assessment. Implemented recommendations included adjusting
mix control programming of limestone feeders in front of the crusher to provide maximum consistent flow
of material, repairing the coal mill product sampling system to work in scheduled time intervals in order to
make the necessary adjustments to maximize the efficiency of the grinding system, and altering the coal
mill operating approach to maximize production and decrease specific power consumption.
•	Energy Savings
$50,000/yr from improvement in vertical coal mill production efficiency and $5,000/yr based on
improvement in limestone crushing production efficiency
•	Investment
$23,000 for the audit and repairs, in addition to a customer credit provided by an association
•	Financial Return
5 month payback on cost of audit services, trip expenses and equipment repairs
•	Other Benefits
Improved maintenance and operating time
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Final inspection was performed on site after recommendations were carried out, ensuring maximum
savings from the project by tuning the process to operate at peak efficiency.
Distinguishing Value
FLSmidth Inc. was able to provide engineers with 40 years of total cement processing experience to
provide a quick return on investment for Titan Florida Cement. FLSmidth's support of Titan's production
facilities through the years has fostered a strong relationship that facilitates making equipment upgrades
and operational recommendations such as this assessment at the Pennsuco facility.
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