Service and Product Provider Success Story
Service and Product Provider Partner	Customer
Harshaw Trane	Hardin County Schools
12700 Plantside Drive	65 W. A. Jenkins Road
Louisville, KY 40299	Elizabethtown, KY 42701
Business: Building Technology & Energy Services
Contact: Taylor Bramlage, Communication
Phone: 502-499-7769
Email: Tavlor.Bramlaqe@trane.com
Business: K-12 School District
Contact: David Wyatt, Facilities Director
Phone: 270-769-8800
Email: David.Wvatt@Hardin.kvschools.us
Harshaw Trane saves Kentucky school district over $5 million and helps eight schools earn the
ENERGY STAR certification
Project Scope
Working with Harshaw Trane, Hardin County Schools took another step towards fulfilling their vision of "Helping
Children Succeed" by developing a district-wide initiative to create an optimal learning environment for students.
Through a performance contract with Harshaw Trane, all 21 schools improved their energy efficiency through
building upgrades and other projects. As a result of these efforts, the county saved money on utility bills and
demonstrated their commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable facility in which education can thrive.
Project Summary
Harshaw Trane implemented a number of energy efficiency initiatives as part of the performance contract with
Hardin County Schools, including: installation of hybrid geothermal systems, Tracer Summit® building
automation systems, and building controls on existing HVAC systems in addition to the replacement of water
source heat pumps and rooftop units. Lighting retrofits were conducted at 14 facilities.
•	Energy Savings
2,994,355 kWh; 5,665 kW; and 54,353 therms in annual energy savings
•	Investment
Hardin County Schools purchased a $5.3 million 20-year bond to finance projects, and is repaying the
bond through energy savings realized by the improvements.
•	Financial Return
12 year simple payback
•	Other Benefits
The school district plans on using a portion of the cost savings achieved to purchase text books, hire
additional teachers, and explore wireless capabilities to enable students to access personal devices for
educational purposes.
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Harshaw Trane's partnership with Hardin County Schools included energy data collection. Tracer Summit
building automation systems were installed district-wide, providing the county with web access to live energy
data from thousands of data points at multiple facilities, as well as enabling real-time decision-making and
verification of savings achieved. Monthly benchmarking with Portfolio Manager also allowed the Hardin County
Schools to measure whether systems were performing effectively on a month-to-month basis.
Distinguishing Value
Harshaw Trane's energy tracking and monitoring system as well as the use of Portfolio Manager led to improved
energy efficiency in several schools. As a result of benchmarking and implementing strategic energy projects,
eight of Hardin County's 21 schools earned the ENERGY STAR for superior energy performance.
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