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GSH Group, Inc.
30 Chapin Road, Unit 1204, P.O. Box 103
Pine Brook, NJ 07058
Business: Energy Management
Contact: David Galante, Business Development
Phone: 973-487-1850
Email: David.Galante@GSHqroup.com
Meritage Properties, LLC
Metroplex I & II, 8401/8201 Corporate Drive
Landover, MD 20785
Business: Property Management
Contact: Art DellaSalla
Phone: 914-723-3533
Email: adellasalla@meritaqeprop.com
GSH Creates a $475,000 Fund for Energy Projects at Meritage Properties
Project Scope
GSH Group has provided energy management services to Metroplex I and II, a 293,000 square foot property,
since 2008. One key feature of this relationship was the creation of a $494,400 fund for project work over a four-
year period. This fund financed several energy upgrade projects, which GSH implemented. Through upgrades
and conservation efforts, Metroplex I earned the ENERGY STAR, demonstrating superior energy performance.
Project Summary
Energy upgrade projects implemented by GSH in both Metroplex I and II included: upgrading from T12 to high-
efficiency T8 bulbs, installing occupancy sensors in offices, re-commissioning building management system
(BMS) to reset schedules and optimum set points, and installing a solar water heating system to supplement the
electric domestic hot water systems. In addition, in Metroplex I, variable frequency drives were installed on
supply and return fans for the fresh air system to be controlled by C02 sensors and outside air temperature.
Also, GSH replaced an existing non-functioning heat recovery wheel to bring this system back to intended
•	Energy Savings
17% of energy savings was achieved through the energy conserving measures implemented. This
equates to an annual savings of 722 offset tons of C02 and $185,275 in utility cost savings.
•	Investment
A total of $494,400 was invested into the property: Metroplex I received a $228,500 investment for
upgrades to the BMS and lighting, installation of a solar domestic water heater (30% of its cost was
offset through a rebate), and heat wheel replacement. A total of $265,900 was invested into Metroplex
II for upgrades to the BMS and lighting, installation of solar domestic water heater, and repairs to the
outdoor air dampers. Additionally, $75,000 per year is invested for ongoing energy monitoring and
•	Financial Return
The simple payback on the $494,000 investment plus annual monitoring and maintenance is just over
three and a half years.
•	Other Benefits
Metroplex I earned the ENERGY STAR certification in 2010.
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Ongoing energy savings are tracked per Method C of the IPMVP, whole building comparison, since there is an
interactive relationship between the measures implemented. Energy consumption and performance for
Metroplex I and II are also tracked in EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
Distinguishing Value
GSH's energy management program invested $475,000 to enhance efficiency in two Meritage Properties'
facilities, and as a result, Metroplex I received the ENERGY STAR certification.
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