U.S. Environmental Protection Agency*
SmartWay Program Highlights for 2017
EPA SmartWay is a market-
driven partnership to help
businesses move goods in
the cleanest most efficient
way possible.
SmartWay enables compa-
nies across the supply chain
to exchange performance
data in ways that help
businesses contribute to
stronger and more competi-
tive economy and healthier
air for Americans.
With consistent, quality-
checked information
and tools, SmartWay lets
companies spend less time
figuring out their freight
supply chain footprints, and
more time getting down to
By listening to and working
with partners, SmartWay
delivers more of what
businesses need.
SmartWay Saves Money and Contributes to American Prosperity
•	Trucking and freight transportation are vital to U.S. prosperity. Logistics and transpor-
tation contributed $1.39 trillion to our economy in 201 6, representing 7.5 percent of
annual G.D.R 70.6% of all U.S. freight tonnage moves on trucks; trucking revenues
represent over 80% of the nation's freight bill.
•	Over 7 million people are employed in trucking-related jobs, many in small busi-
nesses, supporting hardworking families in communities across America.
•	Working with SmartWay, U.S. trucking companies have saved $29.7 billion on fuel
costs, contributing to lower prices while helping American truckers.
SmartWay Saves Oil and Supports US Energy Independence
•	Since 2004, SmartWay has helped its partners save 21 5.4 million barrels of oil-
equivalent to eliminating annual energy use in over 14 million homes.
•	By helping America's freight industry reduce its dependence on foreign fuel, we can
invest more dollars at home and reduce our national trade deficit.
•	Tractor, trailer and equipment suppliers to the freight industry also rely upon
SmartWay to verify the benefits of fuel-saving vehicles and equipment.
Thousands of Businesses and Affiliates Rely Upon SmartWay
•	3,700 companies representing a broad cross-section of industries -- trucking, rail,
barge and air freight, and their customers -- rely upon SmartWay for:
•	Information on clean and efficient technologies, operational strategies and other
business practices that leverage transportation spend, reduce costs and contribute to
healthier air for our families and communities;
•	A no-cost comprehensive and well-recognized system to track, document and share
information about fuel use and freight emissions across supply chains;
•	Data to help companies identify and select more efficient carriers and modes;
•	Opportunities to share best practices, access training and information that improve
performance, and gain recognition for achievements;
•	Metrics to use in sustainability reports, procurements and KSA processes.
•	200 major industry associations, non-governmental organizations, states and locali-
ties, and professional trade groups also participate as SmartWay Affiliates.
SmartWay Helps to Protect the Health of Americans
• Since 2004, SmartWay has helped partners avoid emitting 103 million tons
of air pollution (NOx, PM, and C02), which helps protect the environment
and keep Americans healthy.
• Emissions reductions benefit communities near ports, borders, and
truck stops, protecting the health and well-being of citizens in
these areas.
SmartWay Demonstrates American Leadership in
Green Freight
• Recognizing our inextricably linked U.S.-Canada commerce,
energy and environmental cooperation, SmartWay, in coordi-
nation with Natural Resources Canada, offers N. American
businesses a single, seamless bi-national program.
•As part of a Global Green Freight Action Plan, which
aims to develop green freight programs in other
regions, SmartWay serves as a global role model.
U.S. EPA SmartWay | EPA-420-F-17-022 | December 2017 |