ENERGY STARŪ, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
program, helps us all save money and protect our environment
through energy efficient products and practices. For more
information, visit www.energystar.gov.
Want to take advantage of market-based opportunities that result in a preference for ENERGY STAR qualified
homes in your market? Consider adopting more of these policies and initiatives:
1. Prioritize Code Processing for ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes Through:
-	Discounted or Delayed Permitting Fees
-	Increased Density Allowances
-	Expedited Plan Approvals
-	Prioritized Field Inspections
Visit http://bcap-ocean .org/ for
resources for promoting energy
efficiency through code processing.
2. Facilitate Incentives for ENERGY STAR Homebuilders and Homebuyers with Regional
Partners through:
-	Discounted Utility Hook-up Fees
-	Discounted Utility Bills (e.g., 10%)
-	Discounted Mortgage Interest Rates
-	Discounted Home Insurance Rates
-	Promotion of Energy Efficient Mortgages with Local Financial Institutions
Consult the ENERGY STAR Web site's
Partner Locator for a list of regional
partners to connect with.
3. Provide Recognition for ENERGY STAR Builder Partners by:
-	Featuring Local ENERGY STAR builder partners on your Community Web Site
-	Sponsoring a Parade of ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes
-	Hosting an awards banquet for ENERGY STAR builder partners
-	Incorporating ENERGY STAR into Your Local MLS Listing
4. Offer Free/Subsidized Technical Training on Building Science and Energy Efficiency Topics:
-	Home Energy Rater trainings to nurture the HERS rating infrastructure
-	Real Estate Agents and Appraisers trainings on the value of energy efficiency in a home
5. Educate Consumers on the Features and Benefits of ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes:
-	Direct them to the ENERGY STAR Web Site at www.enerqystar.gov and the
ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick
-	Sponsor Education at Home Shows
-	Publish Marketing Information/Articles in Media
-	Distribute free ENERGY STAR )ublications
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