Transport Partnership
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2018 SmartWay Barge Carrier
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U. S. Version 2.0.17 (Data Year 2017)
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Transport Partnership
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2018 SmartWay Barge Carrier
Partner Tool:
Quick Start Guide
U. S. Version 2.0.17 (Data Year 2017)
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February 2018

Table of Contents
Basic Information about SmartWay	3
Joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership as a Barge Company	4
Reviewing the SmartWay Carrier Partnership Agreement	5
Reviewing the Software and Hardware Requirements to Use the SmartWay Barge
Tool	6
Next Steps	7
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This guide is designed to help companies transporting freight via barge participate in the SmartWay Transport
In this guide you will learn about:
1)	Basic Information about SmartWay;
2)	Joining SmartWay Transport Partnership as a barge company;
3)	Understanding the details of the SmartWay Partnership Agreement; and
4)	Meeting software/hardware requirements for participating in the program.
Please review this guide carefully BEFORE attempting to gather your fleet data or enter data into the Barge
Tool. Understanding the basics of the program, reviewing the Partnership Agreement and making sure your
fleets fit the criteria for joining SmartWay as a Barge Partner will save a great deal of time and simplify your
joining process.
If you wish to explore the data requirements and complete the associated data entry worksheets for Barge
Partners, please review the Barge Tool User Guide.
1 SmartWay will provide a separate tool to calculate emissions associated with other commercial marine activity such as ocean-going
vessels in the future.
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Basic Information about SmartWay
Launched in 2004, SmartWayฎ is a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that
reduces transportation-related emissions and costs by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel
efficiency. The program has been administered in Canada by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) since 2012.
SmartWay is comprised of four components:
•	SmartWay Transport Partnership: A partnership in which freight companies join and commit to
benchmark operations, track fuel consumption and improve performance annually.
•	SmartWay Technology Program: A testing, verification, and designation program to help freight
companies identify equipment, technologies and strategies that save fuel and lower emissions.
•	SmartWay International Interests: Guidance and resources for countries seeking to develop freight
sustainability programs modeled after SmartWay.
•	SmartWay Vehicles: A program that ranks light-duty cars and small trucks and identifies very high
performers with the SmartWay Logo.
About the Partnership
The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a public/private collaboration between the EPA, NRCan, and the
freight industry to improve fuel efficiency, increase environmental performance, and encourage supply chain
How the SmartWay Transport Partnership Works
Seven types of freight transport companies can join SmartWay:2
•	Freight shippers
•	Logistics companies (including 3PLs/4PLs3)
•	Truck carriers
•	Rail carriers
•	Air carriers
•	Multimodal carriers
•	Barge operators
Participating companies:
•	assess freight operations,
•	calculate fuel consumption and carbon footprint, and
•	track fuel-efficiency and emission reductions annually.
SmartWay ranks Partners' performance and recognizes superior performance through the SmartWay
Excellence Awards.
2	Tools will be provided for air and ocean-going marine carriers in the future.
3	3PLs/4PLs Third party logistics/fourth party logistics companies.
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Joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership as a Barge Company
Barge companies that join the SmartWay Transport Partnership are known as "SmartWay Barge Partners."
Participation in SmartWay helps SmartWay Barge Partners:
•	identify opportunities to improve efficiency;
•	demonstrate efficiency to potential customers; and
•	reduce fuel costs.
All SmartWay Barge Partners agree to complete and submit the SmartWay Barge Tool to:
•	define fleet composition;
•	characterize fleet activity;
•	individually benchmark multiple fleets; and
•	track annual changes in performance.
SmartWay Barge Partners also agree to follow the guidelines in the Partnership Annual Agreement for
Carriers. A copy of the Agreement is included in this document on page 5 and is also included in the Barge
Upon approval of a Barge Tool submission, marine companies will be identified as SmartWay Barge Partners
on EPA's website on the "SmartWay Partner List" and in a database used by freight shippers to identify
companies that meet SmartWay's annual requirements.
SmartWay Barge Partners that meet the highest standards of environmental and fuel-efficiency performance
are eligible to receive the SmartWay Excellence Award.
Before you can join SmartWay as a SmartWay Barge Partner, you will need to:
1.	Review the SmartWay Carrier Partnership Agreement; and
2.	Review the software and hardware requirements to use the SmartWay Barge Tool.
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Reviewing the SmartWay Carrier Partnership Agreement
To join the SmartWay Transport Partnership as a barge company, you must agree to the language on the
"Partnership Annual Agreement for Carriers." When you begin working within the Tool, you will be asked to
check a box stating that you agree to the terms of the Partnership Annual Agreement. This agreement must
be renewed annually.
Please review this language with the appropriate personnel within your organization before completing or
submitting a Carrier Tool to EPA.
Partnership Agreement for Carriers
With this annual agreement, your company joins EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership
and commits to:
1.	Measure and report to EPA on an annual basis the environmental performance of your fleet(s)
using EPA's SmartWay Tool. (Existing fleets must report the 12 months of data for the prior year
ending December 31. Newly formed companies require a minimum of 3 months of operational
2.	Have performance results and Tool submittal status posted on the EPA SmartWay
3.	Agree to submit supporting documentation to EPA for any data used to complete this Tool and
agree to EPA audit of this data upon request by EPA.
In return, EPA commits to:
1.	Promote company participation in the Partnership by posting Partner names on the EPA
SmartWay Website and in related educational, promotional, and media materials. EPA will
obtain express written consent from the Partner before using the Partner's name, other than in
the context of increasing public awareness of its participation as described here.
2.	Provide companies with industry-wide performance benchmark data as this data becomes
available to EPA.
3.	Assist Partners in achieving emission and fuel usage reduction goals (subject to Federal
Government Appropriations).
4.	Treat individual corporate data as sensitive business information.
General Terms
1.	If the Partner or EPA defaults upon this agreement at any point, the agreement shall be
considered null and void.
2.	Either party can terminate the agreement at any time without prior notification or penalties or
any further obligation.
3.	EPA agrees not to comment publicly regarding the withdrawal of specific Partners.
4.	EPA reserves the right to suspend or revoke Partner status for any Partner that fails to
accomplish the specific actions to which it committed in the SmartWay Transport Partnership
Agreement and subsequent annual agreements.
5.	The Partner agrees that it will not claim or imply that its participation in the SmartWay Transport
Partnership constitutes EPA approval or endorsement of anything other than the Partner's
commitment to the program. The Partner will not make statements or imply that EPA endorses
the purchase or sale of the Partner's products and services or the views of the Partner.
6.	Submittal of this SmartWay Tool annually constitutes agreement to all terms in this Partnership
Agreement. No separate agreement need be submitted.
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Reviewing the Software and Hardware Requirements to Use the
SmartWay Barge Tool
The SmartWay Barge Tool is designed in Microsoft Excel Forms and requires the following software and
•	A 2003 or later version of Microsoft Excel
•	Excel security level set at Medium or lower
•	A PC running Windows XP or newer operating system, or a Mac that is running the Windows XP
operating system. The Tool does not currently work using the Mac operating system
•	A minimum of 10 megabytes of free disk space. More disk space may be required based on the
number of business units you define in your Tool
•	Adequate memory (RAM) to run Microsoft Office
•	A monitor resolution of at least 1,024 x 768
NOTE: The Excel web application in MS Office 365 (the cloud-based version of the Office operating system)
does not currently support the macros used in the SmartWay tools. Therefore, SmartWay tools do not
function properly in Office 365 at this time.
Please check the user's guides for your computer, online support, or your company's IT department to make
sure your system is set up to use the Barge Tool.
We encourage you to make sure that you virus software is up to date and scan your PC before putting data in
the Barge Tool.
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Next Steps
Now that you understand the basics of the SmartWay program and the SmartWay Barge Partner's role in the
program, and understand the software and hardware required to participate, it's time to start gathering data
about each of your fleets. Please visit https://www.epa.gov/smartwav/smartwav-barge-carrier-tools-and"
resources to download the Barge Tool User Guide.
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