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Freight Transportation
The SmartWay Affiliate Program
Are you committed to helping freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies improve fuel efficiency,
reduce emissions, and save money? The SmartWay Affiliate Program can help you provide efficient
freight management strategies and expertise to your members and stakeholders.
SmartWay® Program
SmartWay1' is an EPA program that helps businesses learn how to advance supply chain sustainability by
measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.
What is the SmartWay Affiliate Program?
SmartWay Affiliates agree to spread the word about greater energy
efficiency and air quality within the freight transport sector through the
SmartWay Transport Partnership.
Our Affiliates commit to:
~	Educate their members and customers about the benefits of the
SmartWay program;
~	Encourage the use of SmartWay technologies; and,
~	Participate in SmartWay.
SmartWay Affiliate
» Nonprofit organizations
» State/local air quality
» State trucking
» Truck and trailer
dealerships and leasing
What Does the SmartWay Affiliate Program Offer?
As a SmartWay Affiliate, you'll receive:
~	Brand recognition. SmartWay is a recognized brand in the global freight industry—a symbol of
cleaner, more efficient transportation. Affiliates are able to use the brand to communicate a shared
commitment to improve air quality and reduce transportation related emissions.
~	Proven strategies. SmartWay offers credible, tested strategies and technologies that you can
share with your members.
U.S. EPA SmartWay | EPA-420-F-18-001 | January 2018 | www.epa.gov/smartway

~	Best-in-class education. Provide your members with the latest trends in the areas of efficient freight
supply chains and efficient goods movement through publications, Webinars, and peer-to-peer
~	Access to materials. Access professional ads and outreach materials—especially useful for an
organization with limited resources.
~	Partnership opportunities. Leverage existing business to business relationships by drawing on
technical expertise and input from EPA and other Affiliates.
~	Public recognition. Be acknowledged by the U.S. EPA for your outstanding commitment to and
enthusiasm about SmartWay.
How Can I Become a SmartWay Affiliate?
Ready to become a SmartWay Affiliate? Join us by completing the SmartWay Affiliate Partnership
Agreement at www.eoa.qov/smartwav/smartwav-affiliate-resources and emailing to EPA at
smartwav transDort@epa.qov.
What do Affiliates Say About SmartWay?
"CSCMP is very proud and honored to be a SmartWay Affiliate. We are confident we can help improve the
transportation industry's outlook today and well into the future by working together. We look forward to
supporting the SmartWay program however we can in the coming years."
—Jim Schulze, Director of Operations, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
"We are proud to be a SmartWay Affiliate. The SmartWay program is a great synergy to our coalition's efforts
because it gives us a supplemental outlet outside the Clean Cities program to connect fleets to methods and
strategies that help reduce their petroleum consumption and fueling costs. It helps strengthen our impact and
efforts in Wisconsin."
—Lorrie Lisek, Executive Director, Wisconsin Clean Cities
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