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Service and Product Provider Partner
Schools for Energy Efficiency® (SEE)
1750 Commerce Court, Suite 1600, White Bear
Lake, MN 55110
Business: Energy Management Services/Consulting
Contact: Amy Harker
Phone: 651-783-5630
Email: aharker@seeproarams.com
Cambridge-Isanti Independent School District
430 NW 8th Ave, Cambridge, MN 55008
Business: K-12 School District
Contact: Nancy Johnson
Phone: 763-689-6027
Email: nancy iohnson@cambridae.k12.mn.us
Cambridge-Isanti School District, in partnership with the Schools for Energy Efficiency® (SEE) program
decreased its energy use by 30.8% in five and a half years, reducing operating costs by over $1,559,657.
Project Scope
In 2004, Cambridge-Isanti Independent School District #911 joined the SEE program, a five-year energy
conservation and efficiency program designed to raise awareness, educate building operators, and increase
adoption of energy efficient behaviors and practices by building occupants. SEE provided a systemized energy
management plan, awareness materials, training, and utility tracking for immediate and sustainable energy and
cost savings throughout the school district.
Project Summary
SEE worked with key district personnel at all levels to establish a district-wide energy team, and author an
energy policy and guidelines. SEE and the district's newly formed energy team benchmarked all buildings in
ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and analyzed results to recommend improvements and take corrective
action. Through education and training, SEE built the district's capacity to manage their energy.
•	Energy Savings
SEE helped Cambridge-Isanti reduce overall energy use by 30.8% in five and a half years, with average
energy intensity falling from 83 kBtu/ ft2 in 2004 to 65 kBtu/ft2 in 2009.
•	Investment
Implementation and management of energy efficiency program and utility tracking services totaled less
than $279,500 over five years.
•	Financial Return
Return on Investment (ROI) of $4.78.
•	Other Benefits
Cambridge-Isanti has operated for the last 5/4 years without increasing their operational budget, despite
rising energy prices. The SEE program also provides the school district with an opportunity to teach
children how simple changes can add up to big results.
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Energy use is monitored using tools including Portfolio Manager. Reports are regularly reviewed by building
managers, the district energy coordinator, and the buildings and grounds director to ensure efficient operations
and identify additional improvement opportunities. Through partnership with SEE, Cambridge-Isanti has a
current portfolio-wide energy performance score of 89, has earned the ENERGY STAR label for all seven k-12
buildings, and received ENERGY STAR Leader-Top Performer and ENERGY STAR Leader- 30% Improvement
recognition in 2010.
Distinguishing Value
Equipped with a plan that is flexible to fit the needs of each school district, the SEE program provided a strategic
framework to enable Cambridge-Isanti to achieve its energy savings goals. Cambridge-Isanti's school buildings
are operating more efficiently, building engineers are empowered to manage their buildings, staff members
contribute to reducing energy, students are engaged in life-long energy conservation habits, and the school
district budgets are positively affected.
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