Energy Star® for Light Commercial HVAC
Fact Sheet for Architects and Engineers
What is Energy
What are the
benefits to my
What are the
benefits to my
How does it help
save money
and the
BMBSfcY STAR is a voluntary program that promotes comprehensive energy
management by identifying and labeling enhanced perfomiance products that save
money and help protect the environment by saving energy.
The EnK&GYSTAR label is placed on products that meet or exceed energy-
efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and
the US Department of Energy (DOE), ENERGY STAR labeled light commercial
HVAC products are designed for enhanced performance to help save money on
utility costs and provide more efficient heating and cooling comfort.
By specifying ENERGY STAR labeled light commercial 1l\ AC equipment, architects
and engineers can provide benefits to their clients while ameliorating use of cutting
edge technology,
Cutting edge technology. When you specify ENERGY STAR labeled light
commercial HVAC pro ducts your company is perceived as cutting edge,
understanding the need to protect die environment and realizing the importance of
conserving energy.
Value to your clients. By specifying BJcBRGY.STAR labeled light commercial
HVAC products you are communicating to your clients that you are providing an
HVAC system for the building that will operate efficiently, save them money on
utility costs, and increase their comfort.
Enhanced recognition. Specifying ENERGY STAR labeled products can provide
you with recognition within the energy industry. This increased exposure from
your design specifications, marketing materials and promotional events can increase
the visibility of your firm with clients seeking energy efficient design for their
ENERGY STAR labeled light commercial HVAC products use about 15 to 20% less
energy per year than conventional models. This signifies an energy-efficient
solution that will save your customers money on their eneigy bill while providing
them efficient comfort and protecting the environment for future generations.
Saves Money and Energy. According to the US EPA, about $40 billion is spent
annually in die US to air condition buildings—one-sixdi of all electricity generated
in a year! Energy is typically die largest operating expense for commercial buildings.
EKBRGY STAR labeled light commercial 11\ AC products save money.
Decreased Pollution in Urban Areas. Reduced energy demand means less
burning of fossil fuels, which results in less pollution from power plants. Less
pollution means cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gas emissions—pollutants diat
are linked to global climate change.: BSERGY STAR products are better for die

What are the
for Energy Star
light commercial
What light
HVAC products
are eligible?
How can I
participate in
Energy Star?
Central AC — Split or single packaged units (65,000 to 250,000 Btu/h)
<65,000 Btu/h must be >12 SEER (3 phase)
>65,000 to <135,000 Btu/h must be >1 1.0 t:I R and 11.4 I PI A
>135,000 to <250, 000 Btu/h must be >10.8 EER and 11.2 IPLV
Gas Packs — Must meet the appropriate cooling specifications for central AC
based on its size category.
Heat Pumps — Split or single packaged units (65^000 to 250,000 Btu/h)
<65,000 Btu/h must be >12 SEER and 7.6 USEE? (3 phase)
>65,000 to <: 135,000 Btu/h must be >10.1EER (10.4 IPLV) and 3.2 COP
>135,000 to <250, 000 Btu/h must be >9.3 EER,(9.5 IPLV) and 3.1 COP
For detailed information about the specifications, please call or e-mail one of the
contacts below.
Any product that meets the above specifications can be eligible for the ENERGY
STAR label. Contact your preferred manufacturer to find out if they have any
labeled light commercial 1IYAC products. Or, visit for a list
of labeled HVAC products.
Educate your customers about the benefits of I."\T.KG\ STAR labeled HVAC
products, including the potential savings on their utility bill.
Offer yqur clients' quality ENERGY STAR labeled HVAC products and energy-
efficient improvements in their overall duct systems.
Provide your clients with information on potential savings available from
incentive programs for installation of high efficiency equipment.
Submit case studies and articles about your projects to highlight the benefits of
energy efficient light commercial HVAC equipment. Your submission may be
added to die EistfiRGY STAR Web site!
How do I join?
Steve Ryan, EPA
Rachel Schmeltz, EPA
Ron Abremski
Gwen Duff
www, eiiergvs
ENERGY STAR Web Site Address
(202) 564-1254
(202) 564-9124
(202) 862-1127
(202) 862-1230
1-888-STAR-YES (1-S
Toll-free Hotline