Industrial SPPI Partner Teaming Profile
Service/Product Provider
Industrial Partner
DTE Energy
2000 Second Ave.
Detroit, Ml 48266
Ford Motor Company
550 Town Center Dr., Ste. 200
Dearborn, Ml 48126
Business: Utility Energy Consultant
George Biandis, Principal Supervisor
Phone: 313-235-5179
Email: biandisg@dteenergy.com
Business: Automotive
Bill Allemon, Energy Program Manager
Phone: 313-323-7910
Email: wallemon@ford.com
DTE Energy assists Ford with energy initiatives and realizes $40 million in annual
Project Scope
Since 1995, DTE Energy has supplemented the Ford energy team and assisted in identifying, developing,
and implementing over 550 energy saving projects and initiatives.
Project Summary
DTE Energy has provided project engineering and management services to perform energy surveys
and/or audits and identify customized energy efficiency plans. These plans have resulted in DTE's
evaluation of lighting systems (including design and project engineering), compressed air systems, and
heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as development of a leak repair program
and an energy use optimization plan. For all of these projects, DTE implemented metering, monitoring,
and analysis. Other projects include analyzing and enhancing chilled water systems and establishing
employee energy awareness programs.
•	Energy Savings
Projects implemented to date have realized annual energy savings of over $40 million
•	Investment
Over $100 million initial capital
•	Financial Return
Average payback less than 3 years
•	Other Benefits
The projects reduced maintenance requirements and improved reliability while reducing energy
consumption. In addition, the projects provided process improvements that increased productivity
and/or improved quality.
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
All project savings are determined and confirmed by pre-installation and post-installation metering for
electric, gas, water and compressed air.
Distinguishing Value
Professionalism and technical knowledge combined with innovation has resulted in energy reductions
in processes, facilities and contractual requirements. DTE Energy seamlessly interfaces with Ford
providing a synergy that expedites project completion.
United States
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