Industrial SPP/Partner Teaming Profile
Service/Product Provider
Optimira Energy, Inc. (formerly Cinergy
Solutions - Demand)
6512 Westwood Drive
Charlestown, IN 47111
Business: Energy Services Company
Doug Woodward, Gen. Mgr.
Industrial Energy Services
Phone: 812-246-9766
Email: Doug.Woodward@optimira.com
Industrial Partner
Subaru Automotive of Indiana
5500 State Road 38 East
Lafayette, IN 47903
Business: Automobile Manufacturer
Jim Edwards, Mgr. Prod. Control Bldg. Eng.
Phone: 765-449-6624
Email: Jim.Edwards@subaru-sia.com
Optimira Energy's energy assessment of Subaru's facilities identifies opportunities resulting in
nearly $90,000 annual savings.
 Project Scope
Optimira Energy reduced the plant's on-line compressed air horsepower by stabilizing the plant air at a
lower pressure, configuring efficient compressed air arrangement, and reducing demand-side usage via
process retrofits to point of use.
 Project Summary
Optimira Energy initially completed an energy assessment to discover savings opportunities for the
Subaru facility. After determining which projects interested Subaru, Optimira Energy completed the
engineering that included final scope, equipment, installation pricing, and project savings. Optimira
Energy then delivered a total turnkey project to Subaru guaranteeing the project scope and energy
o Energy Savings $88,965 or 2,120,625 kWh / year, which equaled an 11.6% reduction in the
compressed air system
o Investment	$237,194
o Financial Return 2.7-year payback
Reduced maintenance due to decreased run time, increased compressor
life, and improved reliability.
 Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
During the detailed engineering process, pressure trending and amp draws were taken to determine the
baseline for the retrofit. Comparisons after project implementation confirmed savings.
 Distinguishing Value
"The supplier displayed a high degree of professionalism, showed a real interest in the functions of the
process, and maintained a presence on our site until we were satisfied with the finished product."
United States
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