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Expose decisionmakers to
experts, and update staff on
the use of the tools and
resources below	
Benchmark and track the
energy performance of our
buildings against peer facilities
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Commission or upgrade our
buildings to maximize energy
and cost savings
Incorporate energy efficiency
into new building design and
Learn about the various
options for financing energy
Earn local and national
recognition for my
organization's efforts to reduce
energy consumption
Hold down the costs of
appliance and lighting use in
Purchase energy-efficient
products for my organization
Implement simple, quick
projects to demonstrate energy
and cost savings	
Educate the community,
students, employees, and
management about the
benefits of energy efficiency
Distance learning through
Internet presentations ^
Onsite presentations
Portfolio Manager (including
technical support and data
analysis) ^B
Online Building Manual
Online Service and Product
Provider Directory
Sub-Metering White Paper
Online New Building Design
Online Target Finder ^B
Cash Flow Opportunity
Calculator (CFO Calculator)
Financing primer ^B
Event planning support
Annual national awards
Labels for efficient buildings
Leaders for improvement
Dorm Rooms
Purchasing Tools ^B
 PC Monitor Power
Management ^B
	Communications & outreach
	National PSA campaigns
All senior- and mid-level
Energy and Facilities
Manager, Contractors
Energy and Facilities
Managers, Contractors
Construction Project
Manager, Energy
Manager, Architect
CFO, Energy Manager
Public Relations and
Directors, Energy
Residence Director,
Purchasing Manager,
Facilities Manager
IT Department, Energy
Public Relations and
Directors, Champions in
your organization

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ENERGY STAR can help you learn in a variety of ways. Start with the Web site and the Internet
presentations. Then explore more detailed and personalized training by phone and on site.

ENERGY STAR'S Portfolio Manager helps you select which buildings to target for upgrades,
shows you where your buildings stand nationwide in energy performance, and lets you track
energy consumption over many years, 
ENERGY STAR'S Five-Stage Approach, detailed in the Building Manual, shows how to
maximize cost savings through an integrated upgrade strategy. As part of their strategy, many
colleges sub-meter campus buildings to improve energy management.

ENERGY STAR'S tools can help you incorporate energy performance into all stages of building
development, from pre-design to commissioning.

Although ENERGY STAR does not provide funding, it tells you where to find money for energy
upgrades, using creative and proven techniques while avoiding the capital budget process. The
CFO Calculator, available at,
quantifies the impacts of various financial and business decisions, including the cost of delay.
ENERGY STAR shows you how to gain the community recognition your efforts deserve; offers
the chance to be featured on the Web, in publications, or in case studies; and helps you become
eligible to earn an ENERGY STAR building label or receive a Partner of the Year Award.

Campus demonstration projects like the ENERGY STAR showcase dorm room can show the
environmental value of saving energy.

ENERGY STAR helps cut your utility bill by assisting in the purchase of ENERGY STAR
qualified products, including computers, printers and exit signs.

ENERGY STAR offers tools such as Monitor Power Management to show your organization
how small changes can uncover significant energy and cost savings.
ENERGY STAR materials help build public awareness of cost-saving opportunities that are good
for the environment. Use the online Communications Kit for ideas and templates, as well as
ready-to-distribute Public Service Announcements (PSAs), brochures, posters, and other
outreach materials from national campaigns.
To learn more about ENERGY STAR offerings for higher education, visit http://www.enerqystar.qov/index.cfm?c=hiqher ed.bus hiqhereducation
^0 Denotes that a 30- to 60-minute Internet presentation is available to inform you about this resource.
To sign up for an Internet presentation, go to then click "Business Improvement" and "Trainings and Internet Presentations."