Dealing with Dust in Georgia
Suivanee, Georgia
When the Milewskys moved into their home in December
2004, they noticed hot and cold spots throughout They
both suffered from nasal congestion and sinus infections
due to high levels of dust in the house.
To counter the dust problem, the Milewskys contacted
two contractors participating in the Southface Home
Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Homescan and
Climatrol, respectively, performed diagnostic testing and
energy retrofit work on their home. Homescan found that
the furnace needed repair and service (in fact, a sealing
plate had been inadvertently left off the bottom of the
furnace causing insulation to be sucked into the furnace
and ductwork, thereby contributing to dusty conditions).
Also, ductwork throughout the home was found to be very
leaky. According to Tom Milewsky, "There were holes big
enough to putyour arm in."
After servicing and repairing the furnace, the technician
installed a new sealing plate. This instantly led to a better
supply of air throughout the Milewsky home. The attic was
air-sealed to prevent any insulation or dust from intruding
into the living areas. Insulation was also blown into the
spaces behind interior walls and chases that had
previously been empty cavities.
Tom noted "there is very little dust in the house." He
expects to see a positive impact on his heating and cooling
costs. "You can already feel the difference in the house.
Air and heat are being distributed nicely."
Tom views the home assessment and energy efficiency
improvements as a "no-brainer." The family received a
rebate for the assessment fee from their utility Jackson
EMC. Tom also wrote a letter to his homeowner's warranty
company explaining the work Climatrol had completed on
the home. The warranty company sent Tom a check to
cover a portion of the work. In the end, the family
received about half of the project costs from these
rebates, nearly $1,000,
The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program
currently is available in 12 states. Benefits of the program
~	Up to 30% Savings on Energy Bills
~	A Quieter, More Comfortable Living Environment
~	Improved Air Quality
~	Greater Home Durability with Lower Maintenance
To learn more about the Home Performance
with ENERGY STAR program, visit: