Industrial SPPI Partner Teaming Profile
Service/Product Provider
Industrial Partner
Armstrong International, Inc.
816 Maple St.
Three Rivers, Ml 49093
Pfizer, Inc.
738 E. Gull Lake Dr.
Augusta, Ml 49012
Business: Steam, air & hot water systems
Tom Henry, Director of Global Marketing
Phone: 269-279-3383
Email: tomh@armintl.com
Business: Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Henry Molise, P.E.,C.E.M., Energy Consultant
Phone: 269-731-5968
Email: ctmolise@juno.com
A decade-long relationship between Armstrong and Pharmacia/Pfizer saves over $1
million with repeated paybacks, each less than one year.
Project Scope
Armstrong helped a former Pharmacia manufacturing facility, since acquired by Pfizer, to develop a
steam trap management process and provided products and services over a ten-year period resulting in
savings of over $1 million.
Project Summary
In the first year of project implementation, Armstrong provided software, steam trap products, training,
and manpower to analyze traps. Initially, Pharmacia managed the program. Recently, Armstrong has
provided that manpower as well, and increased the scope of Armstrong's responsibility to provide on-site
steam system troubleshooting.
•	Energy Savings
First year's savings equaled $479,000 from a reduction of 95 million pounds of steam- each
subsequent years' savings will be between $50,000 and $100,000
•	Investment
Initial investment of $110,000 for all related costs, each subsequent year achieving a positive
cash flow comparing costs to savings
•	Financial Return
Initial payback less than three months with recurring paybacks in subsequent years less than one
•	Other Benefits
In a few locations, production times were improved by repairing plugged traps that impeded steam
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Special steam trap maintenance software was used to calculate steam losses from "failed-open" steam
traps, which were causing half of all steam losses from high pressure traps (>150 psi). The software
reflected pressures, trap orifice sizes, and the cost of steam in calculating losses.
Distinguishing Value
The software output enabled the steam trap testing results to be examined thoroughly,
empowering managers to optimize the ongoing steam trap maintenance process. An ongoing
process was set up to annually test the high-pressure traps and traps on critical operations, and
periodically test non-critical traps. In addition, Armstrong provided local training for the plant's
engineers and maintenance mechanics. Pfizer reported product support has been outstanding.
United States
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