Eastgate Elementary School is a new 2-story,
63,500 SF replacement of the former school on the
same site. The design focuses on a connection with
nature. The building is laid out in a checkerboard
pattern that makes solids and voids - building and
courtyards - thus creating multiple opportunities
for interaction between inside and outside. As one
moves through the school, multiple views to the
courtyards and the tall trees bordering the site
provide a continual connection to nature.
Energy Use Intensity (EUI) = 83.7 kBtu/sf/yr
Percent C02 reduction = 28%
ENERGY STAR design rating | 82
Annual Savings Statistics
(compared to an average building EPA rating of 50)
Energy savings = 2,085,388.4 kBtu
CO., savings = 84.6 tons CO,
optimizing dayiighting: sunscreens and light
shelves in typical classroom
digital lighting analysis
Ceiling	79%
Paint	77%
Whiteboard	90%
Carpet	25%
Light Shelf	85%
Clear Glass (upper) 73%
Clear Glass (lower) 73%
ground source heat pump loop system
innovative detailing at foundation to
minimize thermal bridging
A ground-source heat pump
system was used to eliminate
the need for natural gas; the
earth provides the source for
heating and cooling.
Innovative details minimize the
thermal bridging.
The estimated energy
performance for this design meets
US EPA criteria. The building will
be eligible for ENERGY STAR after
maintaining superior performance
for one year.
Bellevue, Washington
	An eco-charrette was held
early in the project with the
A/E team, Owner, maintenance
groups, and administrators to
target preferred conservation
	The siting of the building was
important to optimize the day-
lighting, preserve the natural
setting around the building,
and minimize the excavation
and earth moving.
	Natural daylight improves the
quality of all critical task areas
- including classrooms, offices,
library, gym, and multipurpose
 Space type = school
Total SF of building = 63,500 SF
*frorn Hannon et al (1977)
	Digital lighting analysis was
performed to optimize natural
light in classrooms.
	Energy cost/square foot =
1.386 MBTU*