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e-Manifest Fact Sheet: State Programs
EPA is establishing a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. This system known as
"e-Manifest," will modernize the nation's cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process while saving valuable time,
resources, and dollars for industry and states. EPA is establishing e-Manifest per the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest
Establishment Act, which Congress enacted into law on October 5, 2012. e-Manifest is a multi-faceted program that
includes system development; regulation and policy; implementation and communication; and consultation with the e-
Manifest federal advisory committee.
What States Need to Know
	e-Manifest launches on June 30, 2018.
	Users in the regulated community will have the
option of using electronic manifests or continuing to
use the paper manifest forms.
	Beginning on June 30, 2018, receiving facilities must
submit all manifests, including electronic and paper
manifests, to EPA's e-Manifest system.
	EPA will charge receiving facilities a user fee for each
manifest submitted. User fees differ based on the
way the manifest is submitted.
	State programs must adopt the e-Manifest
regulations (One Year Rule and User Fee Rule).
	States must determine how they will best connect
with e-Manifest. The e-Manifest system will be the
only means by which states may obtain all electronic
manifests and the receiving facility copy of paper
	Generators who use paper manifests and do not
register for e-Manifest, and thus cannot view their
manifests in EPA's e-Manifest system, will be
required to obtain paper copies of final manifests
from their receiving facilities to meet their RCRA
recordkeeping requirements.
	Generators who register for e-Manifest can use the
e-Manifest system to retain their final copies of
manifests signed by receiving facilities, and meet
their recordkeeping requirements.
	The e-Manifest system will collect manifests for
wastes shipped on a manifest, where the manifest is
required either by federal law, or the law of the
generator state or destination state. Users who use
the manifest voluntarily for their waste shipments
(i.e., the manifest is not required by federal or state
law) should not submit their manifests to the e-
Manifest system.
Scope of e-Manifest	
e-Manifest will facilitate the electronic transmission of
the uniform manifest, which accompanies shipments of
hazardous waste. e-Manifest affects any regulated waste
shipped on a manifest, including:
	Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) federal
hazardous waste,
	Regulated PCB waste shipped on a manifest,
	State-regulated hazardous waste (if manifest is
required by origination or destination state)
	Very Small Quantity Generator waste (if manifest
required), and
	Imported hazardous waste.
How State Programs Will Be
States will need to do the following with respect to e-
Manifest: (1) modify their authorized state program; (2)
take steps to obtain manifest data from e-Manifest; and
(3) communicate with the regulated entities within their
state, including entities that send or receive state-only
regulated waste on a manifest.

State Regulatory Programs
	Under the e-Manifest Act, the federal e-Manifest
requirements issued by EPA-the February 2014 One
Year Rule and the January 2018 User Fee Rule - will
go into effect in all states on June 30, 2018.
	EPA will implement the e-Manifest regulations until
RCRA authorized states adopt and become
authorized for the e-Manifest regulations. (Note:
some parts of the e-Manifest regulations, such as
collection of user fees, will only be implemented by
	States must adopt these requirements so that they
can enforce the electronic manifests used by the
regulated community, ensure that the state
programs are consistent with the federal manifest
program, and recognize the validity of the electronic
manifests used in e-Manifest.
	EPA has state authorization guidance and checklists
available at https://www.epa.gov/rcra/state-
recoverv-act-rcra to assist states with adopting and
becoming authorized for the e-Manifest rules.
State Manifest Tracking Programs
	While the e-Manifest system does not replace states'
existing tracking programs, Congress intended e-
Manifest to be a one-stop reporting hub that would
enable the user community to make their manifest
submissions to the national system and, through the
system, deliver any required manifest copies to the
	Beginning on June 30, 2018, states must obtain the
final receiving facility copy of paper manifests, and
all electronic manifest copies, from the e-Manifest
system. As such, states must terminate collection of
manifests from receiving facilities.
	States have several options to access data from e-
Manifest, including: (1) a system-to-system data
transfer using an Application Programming Interface
(API); (2) a system-to-system connection using a
Central Data Exchange (CDX) node; (3) direct view
and print access through the RCRAInfo (RCRA
Information System) web application; and (4) the use
of "flat files," Excel spreadsheets, or similar means for
obtaining a more customized download of manifest
data. (More information on these options will be
available in the State Technical Fact Sheet.)
	EPA encourages states to communicate with their
regulated entities and share information about e-
	In particular, it would be beneficial for states to: (1)
add links to state websites to link to EPA's e-
Manifest website (www.epa.gov/e-manifest); (2)
tailor EPA's Fact Sheets by adding State/Regional
information as appropriate and then posting those
Fact Sheets to state websites; and (3) share e-
Manifest news and information through existing
state communication channels, such as state listservs
or email lists of regulated entities, including both
hazardous waste and state-regulated waste entities.
	If you do not already have an account for RCRAInfo
(Version 6), please register as a Regulatory Agency
User to access e-Manifest
Federal Links
	For more information on EPA's e-Manifest Program
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	To subscribe to the general program Listserv send a
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