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e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Site Manager
EPA is establishing a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. This system known as
"e-Manifest," will modernize the nation's cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process while saving valuable time,
resources, and dollars for industry and states. EPA is establishing e-Manifest per the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest
Establishment Act, which Congress enacted into law on October 5, 2012. e-Manifest is a multi-faceted program that
includes system development; regulation and policy; implementation and communication; and consultation with the
e-Manifest federal advisory committee.
What Site Managers Need to Know Assigning a Site Manager
	e-Manifest launches nationwide on June 30, 2018.
	Beginning June 30, receiving facilities will have the
option to create and submit manifests electronically in
	Receiving facilities must submit all manifests, both
paper and electronic, to EPA.
	EPA will charge receiving facilities a fee for each
manifest submitted. Fees are differentiated based on
how the manifest is submitted.
	Receiving facilities must obtain an EPA Identification
number for billing purposes. To obtain an EPA ID
number, receivers can submit EPA's Site Identification
form (EPA form 8700-12).
	Site Managers have permission to view, create, and
electronically sign manifests in e-Manifest.
	Site Managers also have ability to grant permissions to
others in their organization.
	Site Manager permission extends across all RCRA
(Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) RCRAInfo
industry applications. In addition to permissions for e-
Manifest, Site Managers also have permission to view,
create, and sign other submissions, such as the Site
Identification form (EPA form 8700-12) and the
Biennial Report (BR) (EPA form 8700-13), where
	Site managers for receiving facilities will have the
functionality in the e-Manifest web application to see
their site invoices, submit payment through Pay.Gov
and send an email to request more information
regarding their invoices.
	There is no maximum number of Site Managers that
can be assigned to any one site or EPA ID and one
person can serve as Site Manager for multiple
sites/EPA IDs.
A Site Manager has several responsibilities with respect to
managing data in e-Manifest as well as RCRAInfo.
Companies should give careful consideration of who can
best fulfill the Site Manager responsibilities.
e-Manifest registration and instructions are available at:
www.epa.aov/e-Manifest. Each individual must register
separately. EPA encourages organizations to establish at
least two individuals as Site Managers; there is no limit as
to how many Site Managers an organization can assign.
EPA or the states will approve the initial Site Manager
request for each site and lower permission levels until the
initial Site Manager request has been approved. Once an
initial Site Manager has been assigned, the Site Manager
will then approve other users in the organization for
certain permissions (e.g., Viewer, Preparer, and Certifier)
including other Site Managers.
Site Managers must complete an electronic signature
agreement (ESA) as part of the registration process.
Following EPA approval and activation of the Site Manger's
RCRAInfo account, he/she will be presented with an
electronic signature agreement the first time they login. At
that time, the Site Manager must complete the ESA. A Site
Manager only needs to complete an ESA once. After
completion, the ESA will apply to all sites (i.e., EPA ID) for
which the user has permissions.
Site Managers must be granted approval per EPA ID and
can request permission for multiple EPA IDs within one
state at one time.

What Site Managers Need to Do
Obtain EPA ID Number
Each company site must obtain an EPA ID number (e.g.
"VAD123456789") to register with e-Manifest to ensure
that their site information is available in RCRAInfo. To
obtain an EPA ID Number:
	Submit an EPA form 8700-12 to your RCRA-authorized
state or EPA Region. The form can be found on
RCRAInfo Web at https://rcrainfo.epa.gov/rcrainfoweb.
	Sign up electronically through myRCRAid (this option
is only available for states that have opted in this
application). Check here to see if you can submit the
form electronically through your state:
ate contacts.html.
	If you already have an EPA ID, your site information
(e.g., contact information) needs to be up-to-date.
Check your information on RCRAInfo at
Approve Permissions for Others in the
Site Managers will receive permission requests from
company representatives for different permissions related
to whether they want to view, create, and/or sign manifests
electronically. Once a user's permissions are approved, Site
Managers will be able to view and update the site
permissions to another level, or remove access entirely, at
any time. There are three permission levels for e-Manifest:
Viewer, Preparer, and Certifier. These permissions are
hierarchical so each permission can perform the
functionality of the levels before it as well as the specific
functionality for that given permission:
	Viewer - The user can view the manifests and other
data for these sites within e-Manifest but cannot
change the information in any manner.
	Preparer - The user can enter manifest data for
specified sites within e-Manifest but cannot sign and
submit the information to the e-Manifest system.
	Certifier - The user can sign and submit the
information for these sites to the e-Manifest system.
This user is required to obtain an Electronic Signature
Site Managers can also register other company
representatives as Site Managers. The Site Manager
permission applies to all three modules in the RCRAInfo
Industry Application (i.e., myRCRAid, BR, and e-Manifest).
A Site Manager will automatically be granted Certifier
permission for all three modules and will be able to add
users and grant permission levels for each module.
Manage ESAs
Site Managers have the option of managing paper copy
ESAs for other individuals within their organization. If
choosing this option, the Site Manager would then have to
collect signed paper ESAs from others in their organization
and scan and upload the ESAs to the e-Manifest system.
Manage API
Site Managers are also responsible for managing
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), should their
organization use one to submit manifest data. APIs are
used to transmit data between industry systems and EPA's
e-Manifest system.
Pay Invoices
Receiving facility Site Managers will be able to receive and
pay invoices for their particular site(s); these invoices
cannot be forwarded to or paid by someone other than a
Site Manager. If you represent a larger company where a
specific financial person will be responsible for paying
invoices across many facilities, please ensure that
individual has requested Site Manager permissions. Site
Managers looking to pay their invoice can do so in
RCRAInfo by clicking on the "Pay Bill" button. This will pull
up a popup window that will allow you to make payments
to Pay.Gov directly.
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