Service & Product Provider Success Story
Service & Product Provider Partner
Servidyne Systems, LLC
1945 The Exchange, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA
Business: Energy consultant
Jason Thompson, P.E., Senior Engineer
Phone: 770-933-4200 / Fax: 770-933-4201
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston
30339 15 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116
Business: Luxury hotelier
Maureen Albright, Director of Engineering
Phone: 617-536-5700 / Fax: 617-536-1335
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston saves almost $100,000 in energy costs in less than one year with no
capital investment.
Project Scope
Servidyne provided recommendations for operations, maintenance and recommissioning measures
on HVAC and lighting systems.
Project Summary
The Ritz-Carlton established an internal energy team including engineering, housekeeping, food and
beverage, and security department representatives to address energy efficiency in day-to-day
procedures. The hotel tested and repaired steam traps, scheduled operation of HVAC systems and
lighting that serve meeting rooms and other spaces with intermittent occupancy, optimized control of
the existing free cooling system, and scheduled operation of kitchen ventilation systems. As part of
its commitment, Servidyne provided energy benchmarking; a comprehensive energy audit identifying
and quantifying retro-commissioning opportunities as well as capital projects; and on-going consulting
and energy performance tracking with web-based reporting. Servidyne monitored and verified energy
savings using EnergyCheck® and CheckMate®, its on-going energy analysis and tracking tools.
•	Energy Savings
In less than a year, the Ritz-Carlton experienced $92,800 in savings from energy usage
•	Investment
No capital investment was required.
•	Financial Return
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston experienced an immediate payback.
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Servidyne provided ongoing energy analysis and tracking using its EnergyCheck® and CheckMate®
reporting tools. Reports tracked the hotel's electricity, natural gas, steam and water consumption and
cost, as well as occupancy, food covers, and heating and cooling degree days.
Distinguishing Value
The data from Servidyne's EnergyCheck® and CheckMate® reporting tools allowed Servidyne and the
Ritz's energy team to make adjustments in their daily activities to maximize energy savings and
achieve a 12.5 kBtu/ft2-yr usage reduction versus the prior year.

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