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Hill Air Force and Ameresco Landfill Gas Generator Energy Project is the First of its Kind for the
Department of Defense and the State of Utah.
Project Scope
Hill Air Force Base and Ameresco teamed up to create a generating facility which is powered by landfill gasses.
The landfill gas extracted from the Davis County Landfill is used to fuel two 1400kW generators. These produce
the equivalent energy to power approximately 660 single family homes. The systems was designed and
installed in a fashion which allows the generator to run in parallel with the existing Hill Air Force Base electrical
distribution system.
Project Summary
In an effort to reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions and enhance the bases energy security position,
Ameresco completed the design and construction of a new 2700 square foot power generation facility and
affected facility repairs and upgrades in three large industrial facilities. Ameresco was responsible for the
engineering, design, and construction of the project that went from concept to final acceptance in approximately
fifteen (15) months
•	Energy Savings
29,300 MBTU /yr and 8,584,800 kWh / yr, equivalent to $394,379
•	Investment
The initial investment for the project was $3.35 million with an annual recurring cost for the Operations
and Maintenance of $220,500.
•	Financial Return
The project was structured to pay for itself within an 18 year term.
•	Other Benefits
Hill AFB is now substantially powered through the use of renewable landfill gases. Additional benefits
Calculated Emissions Reduction
•	5,000 Tons of Greenhouse Gases
•	5.5 Tons of Nitrogen Oxide
•	4.8 Tons of Carbon Monoxide
•	19 Tons of Sulfur Dioxide
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
A measurement and verification plan was established that measures the energy savings 365 days a year. Data
calculations and project production savings are included in these reports.
Distinguishing Value
Ameresco has provided outstanding support and quality workmanship with this project. Ameresco's efforts will
contribute significantly to the base achieving its energy reduction goals and will provide a better quality of life
working environment for all personnel assigned to Hill AFB.
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