Working with Production Builders
Due to their large size, production builders often employ specialized staff. This guide is intended to help
ENERGY STAR partners better understand these staff roles and their potential involvement in ENERGY
STAR so that you can better explain the benefits and resources that ENERGY STAR can offer them.
This specialized staff includes:
	Sales, Marketing, and Communications;
	Warranty; and
	Upper Management.
Resources mentioned throughout the document are provided as links at the end for easy reference.
Role: Construction
Titles: Construction Manager, Site Superintendent, Field Manager
Responsibilities: Construction staff work with
subcontractors and inspectors to safely build quality
homes on time and under budget.
Potential Involvement in ENERGY STAR: Construction
staff oversee subcontractors and communicate quality
standards, including ENERGY STAR performance
guidelines (e.g., compliance with the Thermal Bypass
Checklist). They coordinate with Home Energy Raters to
schedule inspections/testing and implement corrective
actions when homes do not qualify.
Key ENERGY STAR benefits and resources: ENERGY STAR provides a set of documented,
third-party verification requirements that can help construction staff hold themselves and their
subcontractors to a higher standard. The program also offers technical training resources,
including the Thermal Bypass Checklist Guide. This guide contains important tips and best
practices for complying with the Thermal Bypass Checklist.
Role: Purchasing
Titles: Purchasing Manager, Estimator, Supply Chain Director, Procurement Manager
Responsibilities: Purchasing staff work with subcontractors, product suppliers, and designers to
develop specifications, bid out contracts, and manage project costs. Their goal is to procure quality
materials and hire contractors while minimizing costs.
Potential Involvement in ENERGY STAR: Purchasing staff work with Construction Managers and
the Home Energy Rater to choose the building materials and equipment that will go into their
ENERGY STAR qualified homes. They also work with subcontractors to create new pricing
schedules that align with an ENERGY STAR-based scope of work. When considering building
ENERGY STAR qualified homes, it is likely the purchasing team will analyze the overall investment
to become an ENERGY STAR builder partner. By interacting with the warranty and construction
departments, they may find other opportunities for future savings such as lowering warranty claims.
They also may work with marketing staff to communicate to consumers the initial investment,
positive annual cash flow, and life-cycle savings of qualified new homes.

Key ENERGY STAR benefits and resources: ENERGY STAR provides objective performance
criteria to evaluate construction quality, which enables purchasing staff to hold subcontractors to
higher standards. Purchasing Managers may also recognize warranty and construction savings
(e.g., fewer warranty claims due to third-party inspections and less expensive HVAC equipment due
to right sizing with sealed envelopes, tight ducts, and correctly installed insulation). Some states
and utilities offer tax credits or financial incentives for constructing qualified new homes, which
could reduce overall costs. Purchasing staff gain access to ENERGY STAR product savings
calculators; ENERGY STAR qualified appliance listings; qualified appliance rebate databases; and
QuantityQuotes.net, an online bulk purchasing marketplace for qualified products.
Role: Sales, Marketing, and Communications
Titles: Marketing Manager, Director of Sales/Marketing, Area or Regional Sales Manager
Key ENERGY STAR benefits and resources: ENERGY STAR can offer differentiation from
competitors; a new marketing platform that demonstrates cost, comfort, quality, and environmental
advantages for consumers; the strength of a government-backed brand; access to the ENERGY
STAR logos; the opportunity to apply for cooperative advertising funds and national recognition;
listing on the online Partner Locator, which receives six million hits every year; sales training
materials; and presentations designed to educate real estate agents, home appraisers, and
Role: Warranty
Titles: Warranty Manager, Customer Care Representative, Customer Service Manager, Home Care
Responsibilities: Warranty staff act as liaisons between homeowners, subcontractors, and the
builder to coordinate and resolve homeowner service requests. They seek to minimize warranty
costs to the company, while appropriately responding to homeowner complaints. They also may
coordinate or participate in inspections during construction.
Potential Involvement in ENERGY STAR: Warranty representatives can experience reduced
claims because ENERGY STAR qualified homes are built to higher specifications and
subcontractor work is inspected by a third party. Warranty managers communicate with the
Purchasing and Construction managers to identify areas of risk for their company. ENERGY STAR
can help the company reduce liability and minimize oversights in construction details which results
in increasing the builder's bottom line.
Key ENERGY STAR benefits and resources: ENERGY STAR can help improve customer
satisfaction and reduce service requests for air quality, comfort, and energy consumption issues.
ENERGY STAR requires third-party verification of subcontractor performance and the installation of
efficient materials and equipment. This verification allows for assurance that homes will meet strict
Responsibilities: Sales and marketing staff develop external
communications for customers and the community. They manage
advertising and public relations campaigns and budgets; work with
real estate agents; create sales materials; administer the Web site;
perform market analysis; plan sales and promotional events; and
monitor traffic at model homes, communities, and the design center.
Potential Involvement in ENERGY STAR: Sales and marketing
staff integrate ENERGY STAR logos and messaging into their
marketing materials, train salespeople to sell ENERGY STAR
qualified homes, explain the features and benefits of qualified homes
to consumers, and often apply for the annual Cooperative Outreach
Partnership and partner awards.

energy-efficiency guidelines, resulting in fewer callbacks. It also helps the homebuilder develop an
automatic feedback loop on subcontractor's performance in the field, identifying areas of
improvement before the issues result in a warranty claim or worse yet, legal action.
Role: Upper Management
Titles: President, Vice President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Division Manager, Director of
Operations, Project Manager
J v- S.
Responsibilities: Upper management staff coordinate
all aspects of a residential development, including
design, permitting, purchasing, marketing, construction,
inspections, warranties, and homeowner and/or tenant
Potential Involvement in ENERGY STAR: Upper
management provides strategic direction for the
company, and often will play a key role in implementing
ENERGY STAR. Upper management coordinates
ENERGY STAR qualification activities among
construction, purchasing, and warranty staff. They ensure that the sales and marketing staff
integrate ENERGY STAR logos and messaging into all marketing materials. They work with
communications staff to explain the benefits and value of ENERGY STAR.
Key ENERGY STAR benefits and resources: ENERGY STAR can offer increased sales and
revenue; more customer referrals and fewer callbacks; differentiation from competitors, including
national awards and recognition; the opportunity to become a local environmental champion and
expert builder; sales and technical tools and training materials; the ENERGY STAR logos; and a
third-party verified Quality Assurance mechanism.
ENERGY STAR Marketing Resources Online:
	Marketing Toolkit, an easy way to create customized ENERGY STAR marketing
	Outreach Partnership, EPA's cooperative advertising campaign
	Fact Sheets
	Web Linking Policy, the steps needed to establish a link on the ENERGY STAR Web
	Presentations for real estate agents, home appraisers, and homebuyers
Other Resources Online:
	Partner Locator
	QuantitvQuotes.net, featuring bulk purchasing of ENERGY STAR qualified products
	Product Information, including savings calculators; listings of qualified appliances;
and databases of rebates from manufacturers, utilities, and governments
	Technical Guidelines, including the Thermal Bypass Checklist Guide