The ENERGY STARŪ Challenge
Build a Better World 10% at a Time
2005 ENERGY STAR Leaders
EPA is pleased to recognize as ENERGY STAR Leaders those businesses and organizations that have
demonstrated a 10% improvement - or more - in their energy efficiency.
EPA designates ENERGY STAR Leaders based on improvements documented through EPA's national
energy performance rating system. The rating system provides an objective, standardized metric for
measuring the efficiency of a building or building portfolio on a scale from 1-100. Buildings rating 75 or
higher are among the most energy efficient in the country. Owners and operators of more than 20,000
buildings across the country have used the rating system to manage their energy use, improve their
bottom line, and gain recognition for superior energy management.
These companies, school districts, and healthcare organizations have created an organization-wide
energy efficiency baseline, using EPA's rating system, and raised the average rating across all of their
buildings by 10, 20, or 30 points or more, or have achieved an average rating of 75 or better.
Buehler Foods
Wooster, Ohio
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Buehler's Food Markets, Inc is a family-owned chain of eleven supermarkets in Northeastern and Central
Ohio. Headquartered in Wooster, Ohio, the company was founded in 1929, and today is under the
leadership of the fourth generation. Buehler's energy management strategy includes providing each of its
stores with tailored seasonal energy guidelines that specify store temperature settings and educating
managers about opportunities to reduce energy use and save money. Demonstrating environmental and
financial stewardship helps Buehler's establish and maintain strong ties to the communities it serves.
Buehler Foods joined ENERGY STAR in 2005.
Cambridge Savings Bank
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Achievement: 20 Point Improvement & 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Cambridge Savings Bank (CSB) is a full-service financial institution with just under $2 billion in assets.
With the support of senior management, CSB has improved the energy efficiency of its 13 bank branch
and office buildings by approximately 20 percent. CSB also achieved an average rating of over 75 across
all of its branches. CSB management sets goals for each building and offers incentives for top-
performing branches. Energy efficiency improvements have included lighting upgrades for several
facilities, major upgrades at others, and adoption of high efficiency designs for new construction. CSB
involves every employee in its energy program through a comprehensive training program. In addition to
ENERGY STAR Leaders recognition, CSB earned the ENERGY STAR label for seven of its facilities.
The company has enjoyed annual energy cost savings of about $60,000 since implementing its energy
program. CSB joined ENERGY STAR in 2004.

Colorado Springs School District 11
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Achievement: 10 Point Improvement
Colorado Springs School District 11 has assessed the energy performance of more than 90 percent of its
61 schools, undertaken improvements, and elevated the average rating across the portfolio of schools by
10 points. District 11's success reflects a strong energy management program built on the commitment of
the superintendent, board of education, and a full-time coordinator, as well as incentive awards for
individual schools. Major projects have included a focus on preventive maintenance, holiday shutdowns,
a Lights Out Campaign to raise awareness, and retro-commissioning. To date, District 11 has achieved
total energy cost savings of almost $4 million, including more than $750,000 in 2004 alone, and has
earned the ENERGY STAR for seven of its buildings. The 2004 savings are equivalent to the salaries of
27 additional entry-level teachers. Colorado Springs School District 11 joined ENERGY STAR in 2003.
Columbus Hospitality Group
Columbus, Ohio
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Columbus Hospitality Group owns two hotels in the Columbus area. Over the past few years, the
company has undertaken a complete renovation of its properties, with the goal of making its hotels as
energy-efficient as possible. Recent improvements have improved the company's energy performance
and resulted in annual savings of more than $30,000 in energy and maintenance costs. These profitable
upgrades were made while maintaining or increasing guest satisfaction. With its strong energy
management program, Columbus Hospitality Group has achieved an average energy performance rating
of 75 and earned the ENERGY STAR for one of its properties. Columbus Hospitality Group joined
ENERGY STAR in 2000.
Douglas, Emmett & Company
Los Angeles, California
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Douglas Emmett is a full-service real estate investment and management firm whose properties total 8.9
million square feet, primarily made up of Class A high-rise and mid-rise office buildings and luxury
apartment communities. Working closely with ENERGY STAR partner Servidyne Systems, Douglas
Emmett has measured the energy performance of 43 buildings, increased energy efficiency by six
percent, and earned the ENERGY STAR label for over 20 office buildings. These efforts have raised the
company's average energy performance rating to over 75 across its portfolio. Douglas Emmett joined
ENERGY STAR in 1999.
Food Lion, LLC
Salisbury, North Carolina
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Food, LLC is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, operating over 1,200 stores in
an 11-state area. Over the past four years, Food Lion's comprehensive energy management program
has helped the company reduce its energy use by more than 1.6 trillion BTUs, exceeding even its most
optimistic energy management goals. During 2005, Food Lion brought the number of stores earning the
ENERGY STAR label to 400 and was recognized as an ENERGY STAR Leader for achieving a portfolio-
wide rating greater than 75. Food Lion joined ENERGY STAR in 1998.

Giant Eagle, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Giant Eagle's successful energy management program for its 215 corporate and independently operated
supermarkets relies on a clear mission statement linked to long-term goals for energy reduction and
routine progress reports. Giant Eagle uses EPA's energy performance rating system to identify stores
that are good candidates for retrofit or re-commissioning and to track energy savings over time. In 2004
Giant Eagle became the first supermarket company to label over half of its corporate owned facilities, and
now has over 110 labeled facilities. Giant Eagle joined ENERGY STAR in 2001.
Granite Properties
Piano, Texas
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Granite Properties is a diversified real estate investment and management company with offices in
Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. Granite owns, manages and leases more than three million square feet of
office properties located in the South Central US. In 2004, Granite reduced its energy use significantly
through capital investments, including installing more efficient equipment in its office buildings, and now
routinely tracks the energy savings from these improvements. Granite also promotes energy efficiency to
its employees and customers. Granite has achieved a portfolio-wide rating greater than 75 and owns and
operates eight ENERGY STAR labeled properties. Granite Properties joined ENERGY STAR in 2000.
Gresham-Barlow School District
Gresham, Oregon
Achievement: 30 Point Improvement & 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
Gresham-Barlow District 10 serves more than 12,000 students in 19 K-12 schools. In 1998, in order to
reduce energy and water consumption, the District adopted an energy policy and began investing in
building infrastructure, energy-efficient equipment, and energy management software. Since then, the
District has decreased its overall energy use by 46% and saved a total of $4.3 million. For the school
year 2004/2005, the District avoided utility costs of $1.1 million, with last year's savings equivalent to
salaries for over 20 teaching positions. The District can see automatically the impact of its efficiency
program on the ratings for its buildings as a result of its partnership with energy services company Save
More Resources, which offers EPA's new automated rating feature. Gresham-Barlow District 10 has
achieved the ENERGY STAR for 12 of its schools, more than half, and is the first school district in the
nation to achieve a 30-point improvement in energy performance. The District joined ENERGY
STAR in 2005.
H-E-B Grocery Company
San Antonio, Texas
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
H-E-B is the largest private employer in Texas, with over 60,000 associates, more than 300 stores in
Texas and Northern Mexico, and over $10 billion in annual sales. The company has made superior
energy performance a major priority, with a management system than continuously identifies new
opportunities for savings. In 2004, H-E-B earned recognition for establishing an energy efficiency
baseline for all its buildings, and achieving a portfolio-wide energy rating of 75 or better. In addition,
H-E-B has earned the ENERGY STAR label for 137 of its stores. H-E-B joined ENERGY STAR in 1998.

Independent School District 197
Mendota Heights, Minnesota
Achievement: 10 Point Improvement
ISD 197 is a small suburban school district comprised of five elementary schools, two middle schools, and
one high school. The newest building is 30 years old. The District recently upgraded to more efficient
lighting, and educates all employees and students about simple energy-saving steps, such as turning off
lights and computers, using natural daylight whenever possible, and setting temperatures that balance
comfort and efficiency. Since September 2003, the District has averaged a 14 percent improvement in
energy efficiency and avoided costs of more than $150,000. ISD 197 joined ENERGY STAR in 2005.
New York-Presbyterian Hospital
New York, New York
Achievement: 10 Point Improvement
New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) comprises four hospitals - including the university hospitals of
Columbia and Cornell - as well as medical office buildings that deliver comprehensive medical services to
residents of New York City. NYPH rated the energy performance of all its facilities and was recognized
as an ENERGY STAR Leader for achieving a 10-point portfolio-wide improvement. To continue
generating savings, NYPH operates a conservation hotline to collect energy-saving ideas, rewards
employees for their efforts to save energy, and sponsors energy-related events. NYPH's combined
savings in energy is equivalent to generating more than $18 million in new business. New York-
Presbyterian Hospital joined ENERGY STAR in 2003.
Rochester City School District
Rochester, New York
Achievement: 10 Point Improvement
Rochester City School District (RCSD) educates 34,000 students in more than 50 school buildings.
RCSD's energy efficiency improvement of 10 percent reflects the understanding of the superintendent
and chief financial officerthat energy efficiency and sound fiscal management go hand-in-hand. In
partnership with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, RCSD assessed the
efficiency of all its facilities and conducted a district-wide energy audit. This allowed RCSD to make smart
investments in high-efficiency lighting, energy management systems, HVAC systems, vending machine
motion sensors, and other cost-effective energy upgrades. RCSD estimates that these improvements
reduce its energy bill by more than $850,000 annually. RCSD joined ENERGY STAR in 2004.
Saunders Hotel Group
Boston, Massachusetts
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
The Saunders Hotel Group, a third generation family business, owns and operates seven hotels
throughout New England, including The Lenox and Copley Square Hotels in Boston's historic Back Bay.
The "Saunders Hotel Initiatives to Nurture the Environment" (S.H.I.N.E.) program includes a company-
wide pledge to conserve energy and improve performance. Regular energy benchmarking and tracking,
in concert with monthly "Green Team" meetings, promote effective communications and help inform
business decisions. Major projects have included installing heat pumps, adding lighting and heating
controls, installing water-saving devices that reduce natural gas and water use, and focusing on operating
and maintenance procedures. In 2004, The Saunders Hotel Group saved the equivalent of selling more
than 4,700 guest rooms at the average daily rate. The company has earned the ENERGY STAR for two
of its properties and joined ENERGY STAR in 2004.

South Colonie Central School District
Albany, New York
Achievement: 10 Point Improvement
South Colonie Central School District is comprised of eight schools with a total K-12 enrollment of more
than 5,700 students. Because energy is often the largest operating expense for school districts after
salaries, South Colonie is committed to becoming as efficient as possible. The District has measured the
energy efficiency of all of its school buildings and, through a strong energy management program,
improved the overall efficiency of its buildings by more than 10 percent that resulted in substantial energy
savings. With that success in hand, South Colonie plans to pursue more energy efficiency investments
and educate staff, students, and the community about the financial and environmental benefits of energy
efficiency. South Colonie joined ENERGY STAR in 2004.
The Vanguard Group
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Achievement: 10 Point Improvement
The Vanguard Group is one of the world's largest investment fund managers, with $750 billion in assets
under management. Vanguard has 10,000 employees and 18 million institutional and individual
investors. Vanguard rated the energy performance of its more than one million square feet of office and
financial centers and, without large capital expenditure, has achieved significant improvement in energy
efficiency through high-level commitment, aggressive efficiency goals for each facility, and an overall
greater focus on energy management. In addition, Vanguard is helping advance energy efficiency on a
national scale through the Vanguard Calvert Social Index Fund. This fund tracks the performance of the
Calvert Social Index, a benchmark for socially-responsible investors, which in 2003 outperformed more
than four-fifths of its peers in the overall US mutual fund universe with similar investment styles.
Vanguard joined ENERGY STAR in 2001.
USAA Real Estate Company
San Antonio, Texas
Achievement: 75 or Better Portfolio-Wide Average Rating
USAA Real Estate Company, the investor, owner, and manager of real estate for its parent company,
United Services Automobile Association, operates a portfolio of over 35 million square feet of commercial
real estate nationwide. USAA focuses on "year to year" improvements across its properties,
environmental benefits, and communicating to customers and the real estate industry as a whole about
the value of efficient buildings. USAA's efforts to improve efficiency saved the company $2.6 million in
energy costs in 2004. USAA has demonstrated a portfolio-wide rating greater than 75 and currently
operates eight office buildings that have earned the ENERGY STAR USAA joined ENERGY STAR in
York County School Division
Yorktown, Virginia
Achievement: 10 Point Improvement
The York County School Division is home to 18 schools, 1,800 employees, and more than 12,600
students. The Division recognized the importance of combining equipment upgrades with employee
education to achieve substantial, sustained efficiency improvements. Equipment upgrades ranged from
replacing outdated fluorescent lighting and installing occupancy sensors to installing efficient geo-thermal
heat pumps. Employees learned about the importance of using window blinds to reduce heating and
cooling needs, switching off lighting and equipment, and using fans to enhance cooling. This coordinated
approach helped the Division achieve savings of more than $210,000 in fiscal year 2005 alone. York
County School Division joined ENERGY STAR in 2005.