Industrial SPPI Partner Teaming Profile
Service/Product Provider
Industrial Partner
Siemens Building Technologies
31623 Industrial Dr.
Livonia, Ml 48150
Ford Motor Company
550 Town Center Dr., Ste 200
Dearborn, Ml 48126-2716
Business: Engineering, Performance Contracting
Fred Rovet, Account Executive
Phone: 734-466-7047
Email: frederick.rovet@siemens.com
Business: Automotive Manufacturing
Bill Allemon, Energy Program Manager
Phone: 313-323-7910
Email: wallemon@ford.com
Siemens installs energy efficiency improvements and saves assembly plant over $4
million per year in energy costs.
Project Scope
Siemens implemented comprehensive energy savings retrofits at the Ford Plant.
Project Summary
The plant retrofit included plant-wide energy management system upgrades. The lighting system was
upgraded by replacing bulbs in over 12,000 fixtures with high efficiency T8 technology. Paint shop
improvements included positive pressurization of the paint shop, compressed air blow offs converted to
high pressure fan powered units, and a spray booth cascade air system. The cascade system
significantly reduced conditioned outside air and the idling system minimized airflow during non-
production hours.
•	Energy Savings
Electric savings equaled $1.7 million or 39,000,000 kWh annually, Natural gas savings equaled
$2.6 million or 558,000 MCF annually, Water savings equaled $81,000 or 18 million gallons
•	Investment
Total plant improvements cost $20 million
•	Financial Return
The project was funded completely from energy savings over a 6-year period
•	Other Benefits
Reduced VOC and paint particle exhaust emissions. Increased paint transfer efficiency and
reduced dirt infiltration in paint spray booths
Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Monitoring was carried out through monthly reporting of metered energy savings compared to baseline
with adjustments for variations in vehicle production and weather.
Distinguishing Value
Construction was completed in 8 months without any disruption to vehicle production. Recent increases
in natural gas pricing will yield dollar savings that are significantly higher than the $2.5 million annual
guarantee. Carbon reductions are equivalent to offsetting the emissions of 7,500 automobiles annually.
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