SEPABróLab Compendium
Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN)
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EPA's Compendium of Environmental Testing Laboratories (Laboratory Compendium) is an online database of
environmental laboratories nationwide that is available to EPA; federal, state, and local emergency responders;
laboratory personnel; and (with limited access) water utilities. The database contains each laboratory's specific
capabilities to analyze chemical, biological, and radiological contaminants.
Point, Click, Response...
The Laboratory Compendium enables laboratories to
create extensive profiles of their capabilities.
Using the online Laboratory Compendium,
emergency responders can quickly identify
laboratories with capabilities to support surveillance,
monitoring, and incident-specific response
from anywhere.
Those looking for laboratory services can search the
database for laboratories based on criteria such as
location, laboratory name or type, ERLN status,
matrix type, specific analytical capabilities, support
services, special sample handling, and mobility.
Once the Laboratory Compendium filters the
qualified laboratory results, the users can contact the
appropriate laboratory, using the contact information
update-your-member-lab-compendium-data to
learn more about how to enter your lab's information
into the Laboratory Compendium.
Visit to browse the Web
site and complete the online registration.
Web-based System
Users may access the Laboratory Compendium from
anywhere using a secure Internet connection.
500 Laboratories
Approximately 500 laboratories have profiles in the
Laboratory Compendium. All ERLN members are
required to have their profiles in the system.
Diverse Members
Members include College/University Laboratories,
Commercial, EPA, Federal, Government-Owned/
Contractor Operated, Industrial, International,
Local/Municipal, Public Utility, and State Laboratories.
Easy Searches
The Laboratory Compendium allows searches on
multiple search criteria, enabling those looking for
laboratory services to easily find and sort information.
Online Help
Includes walkthroughs for registration, profile
management, searches, documentation, and FAQs.
Defined terms and acronyms can be accessed at any
time from the main menu.
Useful links are included such as the Standard
Analytical Methods (SAM) for Environmental
Remediation and Recovery; Water Quality
Surveillance and Response; Response Protocol
Toolbox for Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities;
and the National Environmental methods Index.
Custom Reports
Enables those searching for laboratory services to
create customized search results based on selected
laboratory criteria that can be used to compare
laboratory information.
Manage Information
Laboratory users can edit their laboratory's
information quickly and easily, ensuring up-to-date
Frequently Asked Questions
What information do I need to provide for the
user registration process?
A new member must provide his/her first and last
name, user name, password, requested user role,
organization, street address, state, ZIP code, country,
e-mail address, and telephone number.
If a user will be responsible for managing data for a
laboratory, choose Laboratory Entry
when registering.
Contact Information
Ahmed Hafez - 202.564.1944;
David Bright - 913.551.7897;
ERLN 24-Hour access via EPA HQ EOC 202.564.3850

United States
Environmental Protection
Additional information related to the registration
process is available in the Getting Started Guide
available on the Laboratory Compendium homepage:
Note: Eachnew member is required to complete the
registration process online. Access to the Laboratory
Compendium is not automatic. User information and
laboratory records are submitted to EPA for approval
before access is granted. Once users have been
approved, they will receive a confirmation e-mail.
How do I know which user role to select?
There are nine defined categories of user roles within
the Laboratory Compendium (Administrator, Data
Administrator, EPA View, Other Federal View, State
View, Water View, Commercial View, Contractor View,
and Laboratory User). For assistance in determining
the appropriate user role, click the What is this? link
next to the Request Role option on the
registration page.
What do I do if the accreditation, certification,
or Quality Assurance (QA) for my laboratory
is not listed in the drop-down menu?
Users have the ability to add a new program to the
drop-down menu. Go to the drop-down menu of QA
Programs/Certifications available on the
QA/Certifications page and click Add
new program.
QA programs and certifications added will be available
to all Laboratory Compendium users.
Note: All user-added programs require the approval of
a Data Administrator and will not be added to the
drop-down menu until the review process has
been completed.
How do I update my laboratory contact
information, analytical information, or
contaminant capabilities?
Log in to the Laboratory Compendium, select Manage
from the top of the screen, then select View/Update
Laboratory Information, and locate the appropriate
laboratory. The user can modify the laboratory
information by selecting either Edit Record or Edit
Section. (Remember: Save edits prior to proceeding
to the next screen). Select Submit Record on the
Submission Summary tab once the record has been
updated. A Data Administrator will review and approve
updated information to ensure that all changes were
completed correctly.
Note: For security purposes, users may be asked to
provide additional information to confirm their
association with the laboratory selected.
ERLN Factsheet
Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN)
How often should a laboratory or user record
be updated?
Information should be updated whenever there is a
change for that user or laboratory. System notifications
will be implemented requiring users to review their
records for accuracy on a semi-annual basis.
How do I update the total number of
instruments in my laboratory?
Users can modify the number of each type of
instrument by removing that specific instrument from
the list of instruments and re-entering the appropriate
quantity for that instrument. The process for updating
the instrument quantity is detailed below.
Select the instrument name/quantity from the
Summary of Instrumentation Used by Your
Laboratory and select the Remove option to delete
the instrument from the list. Enter the new quantity and
select the instrument from the drop-down menu, then
click Save. Repeat the process to update additional
instrument quantities.
Do I have the option to add a new test method
to the method drop-down menu?
Yes, as long as the user has Laboratory Entry rights. If
the desired method is not listed in the drop-down
menu, the user can add a new method by selecting
Add New Method.
The user will be required to provide details such as
Method Title, Method Source, Matrix, Agents, Agent
Category, Technique/Instrumentation, Sensitivity,
Limitations/Interferences, and a brief description.
Note: Any method entered will be available for all
Laboratory Compendium users.
June 2018
Contact Information
Ahmed Hafez - 202.564.1944;
David Bright - 913.551.7897;
ERLN 24-Hour access via EPA HQ EOC 202.564.3850