7% overall decrease in energy consumption
	Annual diversion of more than 2 tons of food
waste from landfilling; compost returned to
campus for landscaping
	More than 101 tons of paper recycled from
United Slates
Environmental Protection
What's Your EMS
EIVIS Success at; EPA-RTP
Are we making progress?
Yes! We establish annual goals to achieve
measurable improvement in numerous impact
areas. We report our progress to the Agency
as part of a government-wide EMS Scorecard
system that measures implementation progress,
performance, and successes. Our "greening"
efforts at the EPA-RTP campus have helped
the Agency score a Green rating. Keeping it
"Green" begins with you!
Our EMS was created to help us protect
the environment. When you help the EPA-
RTP EMS meet its goals, you'll have the
satisfaction of belonging to an Agency-wide
team of committed co-workers, striving to
lessen the adverse environmental impact of
our work and to preserve our resources for
future generations.
Please visit our website at
www. spa. gov/rtp/ems/e4e. htm
to see more about our activities and
review a list of EPA-RTP's significant
environmental impacts.
Printed with vegatabie-besed ink on paper that contains a minimum of
50% post-consumer fiber content. Processed chlorine free.
EPA 22Q/F08/002
Apnl 2008

EPA-RTP's Environmental Management System
It's a process, not a thing.
OK, so what is it?
Our Environmental Management System
(EMS) is a process in which we closely
evaluate our work activities to identify any
adverse environmental impacts. We then
set goals for reducing those environmental
impacts and implement programs to
achieve them. We continually monitor
the success of our programs and check for
new environmental impacts that need to be
Plan > Do > Check > Act
Where do I fit in?
Because you work here, you can contribute
to the reduction of
EPA-RTP's significant
impacts, such as: energy
use, fuel use, waste
generation, water use,
and others. We need your help to accomplish
our goals. Consider joining our EMS Team to
help us set and track goals for greening EPA-
RTP. Send your ideas to e4e@epa.gov!
Rethink - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
Five things WE can do:
Turn off lights and close fume hood sashes!
[EPA-RTP consumes 50% of the energy used by
all of US EPA!)
	Conserve water and report water leaks
[EPA-RTP consumes 41% of the water used by
all of US EPA!)
	Recycle!  Put glass, plastic, paper,
aluminum, batteries, cardboard, and
electronic items in appropriate receptacles.
Enable Energy Star power savings settings
on your computer! 3!|
	Carpool or vanpool!
Do Vour Part!
Be part of the process! We're listening - give us your ideas!