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EPA-RTP Library Services
Mail Drop C267-01
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
Fax: 919-685-3110/541-1405
Email: library.rtp@epa.gov
United States
Environmental Protection
...providing access to
accurate, timely, and usable
EPA staff and offsite
contractors can find out
JtM more about the library at
} rtplibrary
About the Library
As a leader among the libraries in EPA's National Library
Network, the EPA-RTP Library provides access to
accurate and timely information to support the research
mission and policy decisions of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency. With its ample print and electronic
resources, it serves as a vital tool to EPA staff and
contractors. Other agencies and the general public are
also welcome to use the library.
The library houses an array of information including
more than 8000 journals, 5000 books, 150,000 microfiche,
and paper copies of approximately 15,000 EPA, trade
association, international agency, and other Federal
agency documents. While the main focus of the collection
is air pollution, emphasizing chemical toxicity and related
sciences, the library also holds business, management,
economic and computer related information.
To support a dynamic research environment, the library
is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for EPA employees
and onsite contractors. Library staff are happy to assist
Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. After
hours assistance is available via the EPA National Library
Network's "ASK A LIBRARIAN" chat service.
Members of the public may use the library Monday
through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
The library is staffed under contract by the School of
Information and Library Science at The University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Reference Assistance — Contact the library via phone, email,
online chat, or in person. Staff can provide factual responses,
verify citations, locate EPA documents and conduct extensive
searches for information.
Literature Searching — Using a wide variety of databases,
the librarians can conduct literature searches and provide
customized alerts which deliver scheduled information updates
via email.
Borrowing Privileges — EPA employees and onsite
contractors have full borrowing privileges. Offsite contractors
should contact the library to arrange for privileges.
Interlibrary Loan — If an article, book or document is not
available in the RTP collection, the ILL staff will arrange to
borrow materials from a participating library.
Instruction — Library staff develop and present classes
designed to meet the needs of EPA researchers. Classes focus
on literature and Web searching to find information proficiently.
In addition to classroom training, the library offers online
training via webinars and online tutorials.
JL - aM
Color Photocopy Requests —The library's Reference
Desk is the drop-off point for color photocopy requests.
OAQPS Document Distribution — The OAQPS librarian
answers questions about the publication process, assists
with distribution of materials and assigns document
numbers for publications produced by the Office of Air
Quality Planning and Standards.
Book Swap — The library houses a collection of donated
books for EPA colleagues to share. The Book Swap
program is a great way to recycle your used books.
Daily Newspapers — Three major newspapers are
available in the library - the Washington Post, Wall Street
Journal, and New York Times.
Events and Displays — Library staff hold outreach events
throughout the year, from the annual Open House to
book clubs. The librarians also work with special emphasis
groups on campus to arrange focused displays.
The EPA-RTP Library is a
service of the Information
Resource Management
Division, OARM-RTP.
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