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The 137,000 square foot NREL RSF expansion will complement the original
building, a commercial prototype for high performance large-scale office
buildings. The expansion project will seek LEED certification at the Platinum
level and a net zero energy design. Improving on the success of the RSF the
new wing will be delivered for $13 less per square foot, and is expected to
achieve a 13% savings in overall energy performance, compared to the
original building. The expansion is scheduled for completion in October 2011
and will offer space for 500 additional NREL and DOE staff.
Energy Use Intensity (EUI):
Percent C02 reduction:
ENERGY STAR design rating:
Energy savings:
C02 savings:
75 kBtu/sf/yr
2,871,457 kBtu
2,0961 C02/yr
The estimated energy
performance for this design meets
US EPA criteria. The building will
be eligible for ENERGY STAR after
maintaining superior performance
for one year.
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US Department of Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Research Support Facility Expansion
Golden, Colorado
RNL I Stantec I Haselden Construction
Compared to the RSF the RSF Expansion will include:
	6% more efficient roof-top photovoltaic panels
	Improved thermal performance; reduced thermal bridging throughout the new wing
	Improved window systems; upgraded lighting control systems
	Increased flexibility in mechanical systems integration