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Environmental Protection
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Counties with Monitors Violating the Proposed Alternative Lead Standards
Second Maximum Monthly Mean
(Based on 2004 - 2006 Air Quality Data)
12 counties violate 0.30 pg/m3
7 additional counties violate 0.20
total of 19
4 additional counties violate 0.10
total of 23

fjg/m3 for a
fjg/m3 for a
1.	23 of 104 monitored counties violate the lowest level in EPA's proposed range for this alternative lead standard measured as total suspended particles (TSP).
2.	These estimates are based on the most recent air quality data available (2004 - 2006). EPA will not designate areas based on these data, but likely on data from 2008 - 2010.
3.	The existing monitoring network for lead is not sufficient to determine whether many areas of the country would meet the proposed revised standards.
4.	Monitored air quality data can be obtained from the AQS system at http://www.epa.gov/ttn/airs/airsaqs/