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Environmental Protect
Plan for Brownfields Redevelopment Success
Successful brownfields
revitalization doesn't
just happen. It's
planned for.
Approach brownfield
revitalization through
creative, inclusive,
and efficient planning
Our community needs to:
	Identify an exit pathway before acquiring a site via tax foreclosure or eminent domain
(pre-acquisition situations).
	Decide how to reposition and dispose of a brownfield site (post-acquisition situations).
	Define redevelopment and post-transaction responsibilities that will frame a brownfield
site real estate transaction (post-acquisition situations).
How a Site Disposition Strategy can help: Establishes a framework for deciding how
to transfer a brownfield site in a manner that provides value to the seller and buyer and
supports site goals for sustainable reuse and remediation. Framework includes an analysis
of pros/cons that help characterize risks associated with the range of brownfield site transfer
Influence on brownfields assessment, cleanup and reuse: Incorporates environmental
considerations associated with a complex and contaminated site, including short- and
long-term liabilities and obligations. Guides decision-making on property acquisition and/
or disposition alternatives.
What is involved? Preparing a written document that evaluates and compares disposition
alternatives forthe brownfield site, such as property sale, ground-lease, or lease with option-
to-purchase. Discusses benefits and challenges, liabilities, obligations and risk transfer
options. Recommends a preferred alternative and associated actions for implementation
When to conduct? Early stages of the reuse planning process. Reviewed and updated as
new information becomes available.
What does it typically cost? Costs range $20,000 - $50,000, based on whetherthe strategy
is developed and administered by the municipality or a consultant, the role assigned to the
consultant and the availability of necessary information. A large, complex site can cost up
to $100,000.
Who can perform? A multi-disciplinary team including an environmental professional, real
estate professional, insurance consultant, planner and/or other related professionals.
Early on in the site
selection process,
consider the range
of realistic site reuse
Create a brownfields
revitalization plan
based on the
community's vision,
site and surrounding
area conditions such
as environmental,
economic, real estate
market, assets,
challenges and
vulnerabilities. These
factors will directly
influence how the
site is assessed and
Planning activities that
focus on brownfield
revitalization are
eligible under an EPA
Brownfields Assessment
or Multipurpose Grant.
Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization (5105T) | EPA 560-F-1S-183 | November 2018