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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Inspector General
At a Glance
April 21, 2008
Why We Did This Review
The review was performed to
assess the U.S. Chemical Safety
and Hazard Investigation Board's
(CSB)'s information security
program compliance with the
Federal Information Security
Management Act (FISMA).
Where appropriate, we also
sought to make recommenda-
tions to ensure a security
framework is in place that is
capable of meeting security
requirements into the future.
CSB contracted with Total
Systems Technologies
Corporation (TSTC) to assist in
performing the Fiscal Year 2007
FISMA assessment under the
direction of the U.S. Environ-
mental Protection Agency Office
of Inspector General. The
review adhered to the Office of
Management and Budget
reporting guidance for micro-
agencies, which CSB is
considered, and included an
assessment of CSB progress in
protecting its sensitive informa-
tion, including Personally
Identifiable Information.
For further information, contact
our Office of Congressional and
Public Liaison at (202) 566-2391.
To view the full report,
click on the following link:
20080421 -08-P-0134.pdf
Catalyst for Improving the Environment
Evaluation of U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board's
Compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act
and Efforts to Protect Sensitive Agency Information (Fiscal Year 2007)
What TSTC Found
During Fiscal Year 2007, CSB continued to make progress in improving the
security of its information system resources. CSB had done this by performing
the following:
¦	assigning a risk categorization to CSB's General Support System in
accordance with Federal requirements,
¦	developing policies mandating the use of security configuration checklists
and updating them to contain security configuration settings, and
¦	conducting contingency plan testing and an e-authentication risk
CSB has also taken the steps necessary to allow CSB management to align the
organization's security program with the Personally Identifiable Information
changes directed by the Office of Management and Budget. Further, CSB took
the necessary steps to complete all but one of the planned actions in response to
the security weaknesses identified during Fiscal Year 2006 audit.
What TSTC Recommends
TSTC did find areas where CSB could continue to improve its information
security program. Specifically, TSTC recommends that CSB:
¦	Expand the security training to include specialized, role-based training.
¦	Document the CSB Breach Policy and related privacy information policies
and procedures to meet CSB needs and Office of Management and Budget
¦	Update the CSB security policy and associated procedures to address
reviewing, approving, and documenting non-standard security
¦	Update, as applicable, the appropriate security documentation to ensure
compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology Special
Publication 800-53 controls guidance.