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What's New in this Version?
Version 2.0.18 of the Barge Tool contains updates and revisions to the prior version, 2.0.17. These
updates have been implemented to enhance the usefulness, clarity and accuracy of the Tool, and are
summarized below:
'Sv US EPA secured the World Resources Institute (WRI) to conduct a review of the underlying
methodology, calculation process and supporting technical documentation of the SmartWay Barge Tool,
and it was found to be in conformance with the requirements set forth in the GHG Protocol Corporate
Accounting Standard. New outputs are now available in the optional report section of the Tool providing
Scope 1, biogenic, and non-carbon emissions for public disclosure, consistent with WRI and Carbon
Disclosure Project requirements.
Removed the diesel low sulfur fuel type option from the tool.
Updated the auxiliary engine emissions factors for NOx and PM.
'Sv Removed volume-based metrics from the Internal Metrics report.
Miscellaneous text and format updates for clarification.
EPA 420 F 19 038 | March 2019 | SmartWay Transport Partnership | epa.gov/smartway