Fallout Shelters Worksheet
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Fallout shelters serve as a means of shielding people from nuclear fallout or airborne biological,
chemical or radioactive hazards. Answer the following questions.
1. Around what time period or historical events did the federal government recommend fallout
shelters in the United States and why?
2. Where are fallout shelters generally located? How does the
location help shield, or protect against radiation exposure?
3. What structural characteristics should fallout shelters have
to help shield, or protect people against radiation exposure?

Source: U.S. National Archives and
Records Administration
Are fallout shelters necessary today? Why or why not?
5.	If needing to seek shelter in your home, which part of your home would offer the best
shielding protection and why?
Use the Buildings as Shielding image to answer the following questions.
6.	What is the estimated radiation dose reduction factor of the area you chose in Question 5?
7.	Based on your findings, does the location you chose in Question 5 offer the best shielding? If
not, which location in your home offers better protection and why?