2011 E3 and Green Suppliers Network News
Environmental Audits
December 1, 2011 - Through new public-private partnerships, local businesses [Columbus, Ohio] are finding
ways to help reduce waste and greenhouse gases while boosting the bottom line.
Blowing the Doors Off Productivity Sustainably
November 22, 2011 - Manufacturer, Besam, participates in E3: North Carolina and witnesses gains of 25
A Win-Win Plan
September 30, 2011 - The Town of Tonawanda is now one of just a few municipalities nationwide to partner
with local, state and federal environmental interests in a cooperative effort to simultaneously reduce pollution
and bolster local manufacturing.
Auto Suppliers Embrace E3
September 29, 2011 - The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) was built around the lean and clean
efforts of the automotive industry working in partnership with EPA and the NIST MEP, first through the Green
Suppliers Network, and now via the E3 initiative.
E3 - Collaboration in Support of Industry
September 22, 2011 - In Spring 2011, NC State University introduced E3 (Economy, Energy, Environment) to
the Research Triangle Region, with pilot projects at industries in Chatham and Lee Counties.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Expansion with 110 New Jobs in Asheville
September 7, 2011 - Thermo Fishers Scientific, the first E3 manufacturer in Buncombe County, highlighted for
job creation in North Carolina.
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission Announces the Materials + Energy + Environment +
Economics Program - A Unique Performance Improvement Opportunity for Ohio Businesses
August 25, 2011 - ME3 (Materials+Energy+Environment+Economics) offers energy and "lean and clean"
facility audits, along with participation in a network of companies that convert waste materials into
GM Adopts Greener Approach to Painting Plastic Car Parts
August 23, 2011 - General Motors has introduced flame treatment technology that is helping transform painting
plastic car parts into a greener process The company that came up with the technology, FTS Technologies,
captured GM's attention through a group called Suppliers Partnership for the Environment,
Governor Perdue Calls on Commerce Secretary to Help North Carolina Manufacturers
August 18, 2011 - Gov. Perdue recognized E3 pilots in Burke, Cleveland, and Forsyth counties during a
meeting with acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank on supporting North Carolina's manufacturing
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

Sustainable Manufacturing Will be Key to Milwaukee's Future
July 28, 2011 - Matt Howard, environmental sustainability director of the City of Milwaukee, discusses E3 and
sustainable manufacturing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Companies Recognized for Energy Savings Garnered From University of Alabama's Alabama Industrial
Assessment Center (AIAC)
July 2, 2011 - The University of Alabama's Alabama Industrial Assessment Center is working to cut building
costs and reduce energy usage throughout the state. At least six Alabama companies working with the AIAC
have significantly reduced energy usage and therefore improved cost savings.
Green Manufacturing Processes Can Help Increase Profit
June 15, 2011 - It's a perfect storm - but a positive one. Two strong forces today are converging in the U.S.
manufacturing sector that can deliver a whirlwind of benefits for those companies - and the environment.
Green Manufacturing Practices in America can Help Profits, will Help Planet
June 8, 2011 - According to Gerald Shankel, President and CEO of FMA, two strong forces are converging in
U.S. manufacturing sector. First, industrial executives are recognizing importance of preserving and enhancing
use of precious natural resources through green energy practices in vast array of manufacturing applications.
Second, it is now apparent to most manufacturers that this altruistic perspective, unlike many, can positively
impact bottom lines and deliver short- and long-term cost-saving benefits.
Air Quality Initiative Wins Board's Support
March 15, 2011 - The Town of Tonawanda, New York, hopes participation in E3 will lead to better air quality in
the town. Town Engineer Jim Jones commented "New York State is looking to this region to be a pilot; how we
handle air quality issues that are outside the purview of the DEC."
Lisa Hawk: Focused on the Bottom Line-The Triple Variety
March 1, 2011 - Lisa Hawk, business services coordinator for the Northwest Piedmont Workforce Development
Board (NWPWDB), discusses E3 in North Carolina and her role in the initiative.
Energizing the Bottom-Line: Local E3 Initiative Seeks Partner to Help West Michigan Manufacturer
February 22, 2011 - While West Michigan companies have shown interest in E3, local partners haven't yet
found the long-term funding they need for more manufacturers to participate in the program. The benefit of the
E3 Initiative is that it makes it easier for the manufacturers to implement the recommended changes through
help from the federal agencies.
City Program Targets Manufacturers' Costs, Footprint
February 11, 2011 - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and program partners signed a charter to create the ME3
program. It will provide technical assistance to small and medium-size manufacturers to become more
sustainable by boosting energy efficiency, auditing and reducing water consumption, changing manufacturing
and logistics practices as well as other changes.
An Interview With a Newsmaker
January 7, 2011 - The Birmingham Business Journal interviews Dana Stone, corporate program director,
Alabama Technology Network, about Alabama E3.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment