2012 E3 and Green Suppliers Network News
World Energy Engineering Congress: E3 West Virginia Video
November 1, 2012 - A new video from the West Virginia Department of Environment Protection featuring E3
West Virginia was presented at the 2012 World Energy Engineering Congress in Atlanta. The video features
some of the great sustainability work going on in the state, and showcases some of the E3 efforts to improve
the energy efficiency of municipal buildings.
Partnering for Profit and Planet: Suppliers Partnership for the Environment Meets at DENSO
October 12, 2012 - About 50 representatives of Suppliers Partnership for the Environment met Thursday at
DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee Inc. for their quarterly forum. "It's an honor to welcome some of the nation's
top automotive companies and EPA officials," said DMTN President Van Saka, "as we work together to
address the auto industry's common goal to improve the environment while increasing efficiency and value for
the driving public."
Business leaders learn new ways to be green
October 10, 2012 - In a business and industry Sustainability Panel Discussion held by the Surry County
Economic Development Partnership at Cross Creek Country Club Wednesday, four experts in the fields of
green business and sustainability talked to area business leaders about how they can save money and protect
the environment at the same time. The panel included Anna Mangum, an improvement specialist at North
Carolina State University's Industrial Extension Service. Mangum provides leadership to North Carolina's
statewide sustainable manufacturing initiative, E3 and works closely with federal, state and local leaders,
gaining their support of manufacturers to be sustainable in economy, energy and environment. In working with
several manufacturers, E3 has helped saved $1.7 million and created 63 jobs in North Carolina.
E3 program focuses on helping manufacturers save money
October 1, 2012 - A partnership of federal, state and local agencies has teamed up to help Danville and
Pittsylvania County manufacturers reduce pollution and improve energy efficiency, all while improving
profitability. Representatives from all the involved agencies gathered at Danville Community College's
Regional Center for Advanced Technology and Training on Monday to seal the partnership by signing a charter
membership in the E3 (economy, energy and environment) initiative. Previously, in March, Genedge Alliance,
of Martinsville, announced there would be an E3 pilot program in the area, encouraging manufacturers to take
advantage of various energy audits and advice available through the program.
Doubling Down on Clean Energy Investment: A Conversation with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
October 1, 2012 - EPA Administrator Jackson was recently interviewed by the website www.energ2.com about
the state of the manufacturing sector and the role of environmental protection as an economic driver. In her
answers, she highlighted the E3 program as a way to help American manufacturers excel in sustainability,
efficiency and cost effectiveness.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

How To Cost-Effectively Reduce Your Environmental Footprint
October 1, 2012 - The impact that E3 has had on manufacturers in Alabama, North Carolina, and Wisconsin is
impressive. Some of the benefits of participation include new product and green product development,
reductions in greenhouse gases, and the optimization of raw materials usage and recycling efforts.
Business Leaders Learn New Ways to be Green
September 29, 2012 - In a business and industry Sustainability Panel Discussion held by the Surry County
Economic Development Partnership at Cross Creek Country Club Wednesday, four experts in the fields of
green business and sustainability talked to area business leaders about how they can save money and protect
the environment at the same time. On the panel was Anna Mangum, who provides leadership to North
Carolina's statewide sustainable manufacturing initiative, E3. Anna works closely with federal, state and local
leaders, gaining their support of manufacturers to be sustainable in economy, energy, and environment.
Businesses Race to Best Practices in Green through the NASCAR Green/E3 Challenge (PDF) (2 p, 172K)
September 20, 2012 - E3: Economy, Energy, Environment; the Environmental Protection Agency; and
NASCAR Green are working together to encourage businesses to operate in a green and sustainable fashion
by creating the NASCAR Green/E3 Challenge. Local manufacturers participating in the North Carolina E3
program (NC E3) will be eligible to compete by demonstrating the changes each has implemented to become
more sustainable. Participating manufacturers will compete for the NC E3 Sustainability Award to be bestowed
in spring 2013.
Going Green: Midnight Sun Brewery Adopts the E-3 Initiative
September 16, 2012 - Midnight Sun Brewery is taking steps to become a more energy efficient and greener
establishment. Green Star and Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership are teaming up with Midnight Sun
Brewery to launch the agency's E-3 initiative. The E-3 is a multi-pronged goal that is focused on economy,
energy and environment sustainability. The goal of the program is to make manufacturing plants more energy
efficient and cost effective by reducing carbon emissions through decreasing energy consumption.
Secretary of Labor Highlights E3 Work in Michigan
September 10, 2012 - Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis traveled to Michigan to attend the 2012 Michigan Works!
for People annual conference. In her remarks to the conference, Secretary Solis highlighted the E3 work of
Aevitas Specialty Services in Livonia, Michigan. Aevitas provides environmental and oil recycling services to
the automotive supply chain.
Alabama E3 Sustainability Conference Draws Large Number of Attendees
September 1, 2012 - Over 150 participants attending the first Alabama E3 Sustainability Conference learned
how reducing energy costs can save their businesses' money and potentially create new jobs.
Sustainability in Business
September 1, 2012 - We need collective action to ensure a sustainable future, a future which recognizes that
reducing environmental impacts can improve the economic and living standards of many people and reduce
costs. Creating trade-offs between the environment and economy no longer works, and "business as usual"
cannot continue. Small to medium manufacturers receive assistance, from the US Government to green their
business operations. The government offers customized lean-green-environmental assessments at little or no
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E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

NC Manufacturers Save Money, Reduce Footprint with Help from E3
August 31, 2012 - The E3 North Carolina Initiative at NC State University has helped manufacturers save more
than $5 million, reduce environmental impact, and create jobs.
E3: A Nexus of Next Generation Strategies
August 20, 2012 - [MEP blog post by Ben Vickery] When we examine the five MEP Next Generation Strategies
- including Continuous Improvement, Supply Chains, Sustainability, Technology Acceleration, and Workforce -
there is sometimes an attempt to categorize a project into a particular "bucket." Is the work done with a
manufacturing client focused on Sustainability, or Technology Acceleration? Is it Continuous Improvement or
Workforce, and what about Supply Chains? In actuality, we find that assistance provided by MEP Centers to
their manufacturing clients often stretches across multiple Strategies. In the case of E3, or Economy, Energy
and Environment, all five Next Generation Strategies can come into play.
N.C. State Initiative to Aid Twin Counties Businesses
July 31, 2012 - E3: North Carolina is coming to Nash and Edgecombe counties, with the Carolinas Gateway
Partnership and Turning Point Workforce Development holding an informational session on an initiative that's
identified more than $10 million in savings opportunities for manufacturers across the state, according to a
press release from the university.
Three Companies to Focus on Improvements, Efficiency
July 18, 2012 - Cane Creek Cycling Components CEO Scott Sonnone has long wanted to take the Fletcher
company to the next level. Thanks to a pilot program called E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment, he now
has the chance. Facilitated by N.C. State University's Industrial Extension Service, the E3 program brings
together private and public organizations to help businesses make improvements and become more efficient,
focusing on manufacturing process improvements, carbon footprint analysis, energy use plans, business best
practices and worker safety measures.
E3 Kicks Off in Henderson County
July 17, 2012 - The Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development is proud to announce that Cane
Creek Cycling Components, Clement Pappas and Manual Woodworkers & Weavers have been selected to
participate in E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment.
E3 and the Western Piedmont Workforce Development Board
June 29, 2012 - In 2010 Western Piedmont Workforce Development was approached by the Manufacturing
Extension Partnership project—E3. Our region was one of the first areas in North Carolina to benefit from this
partnership and see small to mid-size manufacturers engaged in sustainability and profitability initiatives.
Shenandoah Furniture, Baker Furniture, and RPM Wood Finished Group have all successfully completed their
E3 process.
E3 and Clinton Global Initiative America E3 and Clinton Global Initiative America
June 8, 2012 - Former President Bill Clinton recognized Duke Energy's support of the E3 initiative during his
closing comments at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America conference. Duke Energy officially
committed to continue supporting the E3 initiative by 1) increasing E3 participation within its service area,
specifically in Kentucky and Indiana and 2) offering energy assessments to an additional 45 manufacturing
companies by 2014.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

NASCAR and EPA Partner on Environmental Initiatives
May 22, 2012 - NASCAR and the EPA have signed a memorandum of understanding intended to raise racing
fans' awareness of environmentally friendly products and initiatives. Under the agreement, NASCAR will use
products that have earned EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) label at racing events. Additionally,
NASCAR will also be encouraging its suppliers to participate in EPA's E3, Economy, Energy and the
Environment by getting an "E3 tuneup," to increase productivity while reducing energy and materials use.
Additional coverage: EPA-NASCAR green deal covers everything--but racing! Additional coverage:
Additional coverage: NASCAR working with EPA to conserve energy while burning lots of fuel
Thermo Fisher On Path to Achieve Zero Landfill Waste
April 22, 2012 - E3 North Carolina manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific was recently highlighted in an article
in the Asheville Citizen-Times for its waste reduction efforts and participation in E3. The company has taken on
a goal to divert zero waste to landfills by 2015. Waste at the plant has been reduced by 40 percent since the
beginning of their zero-waste initiative, and should decrease by another 30 percent in 2012.
What Do Pollution Prevention, Business Profitability And Green Jobs Have In Common?
April 12, 2012 - A few years ago, the word sustainability crept into our lexicon and has set the world on fire. It is
a cool word that many refer to as the triple bottom line; People, Planet, Profit and so forth. But how do we
measure the third element? - The people element? EPA's Tom Murray suggests we do that through individual
success stories.
National View: Our Environment is Our Economy
April 12, 2012 - Some say we can't protect the environment without killing jobs and harming the economy, but
this a false choice. Not only can smart environmental protection improve health and save lives, but it also can
add jobs right away and give us an economy built to last. Organizations like the Earth Day Network have spent
years consistently highlighting companies around the world that recognize how smart environmental practices
lead to new innovations, job creation and improved human health and environmental conditions. Now is not the
time to wait to improve our American companies.
E3 is Creating Job Opportunities in North Carolina
April 10, 2012 - Too often, sustainable manufacturing is seen only through an environmental lens. This
approach, however, fails to consider what the "workforce side of manufacturing" has to say about sustainability
programs. At a panel discussion at the National Association of Workforce Board's Forum in Washington, D.C.
March 12, EPA's Tom Murray learned how E3: Economy, Energy and the Environment or, more simply, the E3
framework, has helped position several small manufacturing companies in North Carolina increase their work
force, while improving their environmental and energy footprints.
Green Suppliers Network: Increasing Competitiveness through Sustainability
April 2012 - Sustainability is no longer an option in today's climate of shrinking resources and an increasingly
global marketplace. But how do you achieve sustainability while maintaining competitiveness? The answer
may lie in working together.
Energy Efficiency Program for Manufacturers Announced in Pomona
March 29, 2012 - Called the E3 Initiative - the three E's are economy, energy and environment - the California
version of the program has support from multiple federal agencies, Southern California Gas Co. and a
nonprofit called California Manufacturing Technology Consulting.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

Our Environment Is Our Economy
March 27, 2012 - Some say we can't protect the environment without killing jobs and harming the economy,
but this a false choice. Not only can smart environmental protection improve health and save lives, but it also
can add jobs right away and give us an economy built to last.
Genedge Alliance announces E3 Pilot Project Implementation program in Danville/Pittsylvania County
March 27, 2012 - Genedge Alliance, in partnership with the Southside Business Technology Center (SBTC),
received funding approval from the Danville Regional Foundation (DRF) on March 13, 2012 in the amount of
$100,000 to co-fund the E3 Pilot Project Implementation program in Danville/Pittsylvania County.
Two Sampson Industries have Shot at E3 Scholarships
March 17, 2012 - A sustainability initiative that has identified more than $10 million in savings opportunities
across the state is hoping to bring some of that to Sampson, one of seven counties in the state selected to
participate in the E3: North Carolina Scholarship Program.
White House, EPA, Purdue plan sustainable manufacturing roundtable
March 6, 2012 - Matt Bogoshian, senior policy counsel for the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of
Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, will lead a roundtable discussion sponsored by the White House,
the EPA and Purdue University's Environmental and Ecological Engineering Center.
Sustainable manufacturing to be topic of EPA discussion
March 2, 2012 - Business and academic leaders and other interested individuals in South Bend are invited to a
roundtable discussion about sustainable manufacturing. The conversation will be led Matt Bogoshian of the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The event is one in a series of exchanges around the country to
promote the federal initiative, known as E3 — Economy, Energy and Environment — to renew American
EPA Encourages Genesee County Manufacturers to Think Leaner and Greener
February 22, 2012 - On the heels of President Obama's State of the Union messages that highlighted
American manufacturing, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is promoting ways for manufacturers to
improve their profits and reduce their impact on the environment at the same time. During a roundtable
discussion in Flint, EPA Assistant Administrator Jim Jones encouraged local business owners to consider
environmental reviews conducted by state and federal agencies.
EPA listens to Ashevilie-area Manufacturing Success Stories
February 17, 2012 - Going green can add to the black of the bottom line as manufacturers learn how to cut out
waste and use less energy. EPA Acting Assistant Administrator Jim Jones noted that programs using EPA
funds for pollution prevention and sustainable manufacturing in North Carolina have resulted in savings in
water, waste, and energy, including savings of 598 million BTUs of electricity, 41 million gallons of water, and
5.5 tons of hazardous waste.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

Milwaukee's 2012 State of the City Address
February 13, 2012 - Over the past two years, Milwaukee has worked with manufacturers to assist them in
improving the sustainability of their operations. In 2011, Milwaukee launched a Sustainable Manufacturing
Initiative - or ME3 program -to cut manufacturer operating costs by reducing material use and waste, and also
increasing efficiency. The key performance indicator for the ME3 program is the return on investment to the
manufacturer. ME3 is possible because of contributions from 13 local, regional and federal partners, all of
whom share a goal of enhancing the competitiveness of Milwaukee's manufacturers. To date, the ME3
partnership has worked with nine smaller area firms
Alliance Promotes Electric Utility Environmental Stewardship
January 13, 2012 - The Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance was formed by 16 Investor-
Owned Utility (IOU) Companies—many of whom are General Cable customers—to promote environmental
stewardship and provide value to their customers and shareholders.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment