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2013 E3 and Green Suppliers Network News
America's got (Manufacturing) Talent
December 30, 2013 - Recently, a federal team of experts under the President's new Investing in Manufacturing
Communities Partnership (IMCP) developed a Playbook that pulls together existing federal planning grant and
technical assistance resources and best practices in economic development. Leading the development of the
Playbook were experts from a special partnership called E3: Economy, Energy and the Environment, which
provides best practices and connect these companies and their communities to technical experts. With the
help of the Playbook, IMCP is accelerating the resurgence of manufacturing and creating a competitive climate
for communities to attract manufacturing jobs and investment.
White House looks for 12 communities to become manufacturing hubs
December 17, 2013 - As part of President Obama's push to boost American manufacturing, the Economic
Development Administration is looking for twelve communities around the country to become hubs for high-
paying manufacturing jobs. The initiative comes as part of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities
Partnership (IMCP), a government-wide initiative meant to cultivate an environment for businesses to create
well-paying manufacturing jobs in regions across the country and thereby accelerate the resurgence of
Open for Business: Reinventing U.S. Economic Development
December 16, 2013 - When companies first try to decide where to locate new facilities and create hundreds of
jobs, executives often weigh a number of factors including workforce availability, local supply network options,
and existing infrastructure. In many cases, America's mayors and governors have taken the lead in answering
these questions and persuading companies to expand business investment in their communities while the
federal government has played a less prominent role. Through the Investing in Manufacturing Communities
Partnership (IMCP), however, the federal government is committing to a more proactive role in rewarding best
practices, conditioning federal aid on communities' strong development plans, and synchronizing grant
programs across multiple departments and agencies.
Hickory Ground Solutions Helps East Tennessee's Manufacturing Community
December 9, 2013 - Seeking ways to rebuild supply chains and improve employment opportunities in the tri-
cities of East Tennessee, Hickory Ground Solutions, a local, Tennessee based company, is teaming up with a
consulting firm as part of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership—which seeks to create well-
paying manufacturing jobs throughout the United States. Working with the local business development leaders,
Hickory Ground Solutions and several consultants will analyze the tri-cities area's potential for manufacturing
and determine how best to move forward with development.
Draka Elevator Products Gets a Lift from E3
December 1, 2013 - After hearing about new, innovative manufacturing practices and the E3: Economy,
Energy and Environment initiative from Anna Mangum, E3 North Carolina lead at NC State University Industrial
Extension Service (IES), Bill Fassnacht, the director of operations at Draka Elevator Products, Inc. in North
Carolina, worked to secure financial assistance toward the E3 process and dove into the effort. Fassnacht
kicked off with a technical assessment and a survey of employees and then moved on to implement
substantive improvements to Draka's processes. Overall, Draka has realized a significant return on their	
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment	www.e3.gov

efforts. More than $20,000 reductions in waste and recycling costs and a $15,000 recycling profit have been
projected annually.
Environmental Sustainability Partnership Helps Manufacturing Companies In Denver
November 13, 2013 - Since April, Denver Colorado's Old Western Paint Co. has been working with Denver's
Certifiably Green Denver program (CGD), an environmental sustainability partnership with the Colorado
Association for Manufacturing and Technologies, the Colorado Public Department of Public Health and
Environment, and E3: Economy, Energy, Environment. Most recently, Old Western was chosen to participate
in a three-day "Green Value Stream Mapping" analysis, using a tool developed by the E3 partnership to identify
improvements across its operation and evaluate all wastes both "lean and green" that would maximize
opportunities to eliminate or reduce waste.
Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center Regional Roundtable 2013 Review
October 31, 2013 - In October, E3 service providers from around the country gathered at the Pacific Northwest
Pollution Prevention Resource Center's Regional Roundtable. On the first day of the Roundtable, Lynn
Coleman, with Impact WA, presented an E3 case study outlining her organization's work with Heath Tecna,
which saved the company $35,000 per year in solid waste and $40,000 per year in hazardous wastes by
making simple adjustments to their processes; Kim Kovol discussed the ways GreenStar Alaska is using E3 to
help Alaska micro-breweries reduce their environmental impact and continue to prosper in a beer-loving state;
and Anna Mangum, from North Carolina's Industrial Extension Service, described how she has helped recruit
over 200 businesses to make money-saving E3 changes. The meeting also included breakout sessions and
many other informative and inspiring stories of E3 success.
E3 West Virginia Creating Sustainable Communities
October 22, 2013 - Organizations from across the state recently met in Charleston, WV as part of a new
partnership with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's E3 West Virginia Program. As
part of the meeting, the program secured commitments from organizations such as Appalachian Power,
Bridgemont Community and Technical College and the West Virginia Department of Commerce, among
others, to help communities work toward reducing energy consumption, developing sustainable industries, and
creating jobs. Since 2010, E3 West Virginia has worked in six counties in the state at 22 government facilities
and 56 manufacturing facilities with potential energy savings of $9.6 million.
Steelcase shrinks water, energy, cleaners use in the wash
September 3, 2013 - In 2006, Steelcase set out on a plan to reduce its overall environmental footprint by 2012.
One area prime for improvement was its energy- water- and chemicals-glutting finishing plants, where water,
chemicals, and energy consumption was high. Committing to improve these processes, Steelcase engaged
with the U.S. EPA Green Suppliers Network, which advises companies on how to wring out energy, material,
water, and solid waste in their plants. Once joining, Steelcase reached out to it supplier, DuBois, and
encouraged them to consider accessing the network's expertise to improve their environmental performance.
With significant help from improvements made by DuBois, Steelcase realized energy savings both from using
low-temperature cleaners and reducing the amount of water that needed to be heated. DuBois, in turn,
capitalized on the environmental improvements, expanding its offerings and ultimately becoming Steelcase's
sole chemical supplier.
Shifting Into High Gear: Cane Creek Cycling Components Cranks with E3
September 1, 2013 - Cane Creek Cycling Components in Fletcher, North Carolina, endeavors to support
positive change with a sustainable, wide-spread approach. In line with this commitment, Cane Creek continues
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

to work closely with the E3: Economy, Energy and Environment initiative. And after only several years, their
work is paying off. Cane Creek realized a nearly $142,000 benefit from cost and workplace investment savings
and increased productivity. With no signs of slowing down, they have every reason to believe this trend will
PRESS RELEASE: Esty Introduces Legislation to Strengthen Federal Framework for Sustainable
August 1, 2013 - Recently, Congresswoman Esty introduced legislation outlining a three-year authorization of
the E3 Initiative to support sustainable manufacturing. E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment focuses on a
framework for federal agencies to coordinate and target resources to assist manufacturers in becoming more
efficient, competitive, and sustainable. The program, which began in 2010, has success stories from across the
country, but currently exists under a memorandum of understanding between participating federal agencies.
The legislation would provide the program with greater oversight to ensure the program is working as intended,
that appropriate resources are provided, and to strengthen it for the long run.
PRESS RELEASE: Make It In America Legislation: New Bills Added to the Make It In America Jobs Plan
August 1, 2013 - Among eight new bills that have been added to the Make It In America jobs plan, which
focuses on four key priorities to strengthen American manufacturing and help businesses grow and create
jobs, is the Economy, Energy and Environment Initiative to Support Sustainable Manufacturing (E3) Act. This
bill supports sustainable manufacturing by authorizing the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Labor,
Agriculture and EPA and SBA to coordinate and target federal resources to assist manufacturers in becoming
more efficient, competitive, and sustainable.
Local manufacturer Glen Raven awarded E3 Scholarship
August 1, 2013 - Glen Raven of Norlina was recently selected to receive a scholarship through North
Carolina's E3 Program, administered by North Carolina State University's Industrial Extension Service. The
scholarship was awarded based on recommendations by local partnering organizations, including Vance-
Granville Community College and will support professional assessments that can help Glen Raven save
money and become more sustainable in the long run.
UA Interns Join Business Efforts to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Waste
June 5, 2013 - At Eberspaecher North America's plant in Northport, Alabama, which makes automotive
exhaust systems, Cory Gammon, a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in operations management,
is working to find leaks in the firm's compressed air system. For every 1/16 inch leak he finds, he saves the
company about $600 a year and provides another step toward energy conservation. Gammon is one of six
University of Alabama students who fanned out across the state this summer to take part in summer
internships designed to help companies increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental waste. The
program is funded by clients, Alabama Power Company, and through grant funding from the ATN's ECAR
Grant, which is the state's E3 program.
E3 helping manufacturing companies in Roanoke Valley
May 30, 2013 - Roanoke Valley manufacturing interests are getting profit boosting help from the E3 program in
North Carolina, a partnership between six federal agencies and the state designed to support manufacturers
by transforming them into lean, green machines that sustain "best practices." As part of the E3 program,
companies are assessed to see what they are doing right and what areas need to be strengthened. In the short
term, the program helps manufacturers determine how to be more profitable. By doing so, however, the
program also provides long-term impacts throughout communities.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

Obama Administration seeks applicants for first phase of 'Investing in Manufacturing Communities'
May 16, 2013 - In Washington, the Obama administration announced that it is accepting applications for the
first phase of the "Investing in Manufacturing Communities" Partnership, a new initiative outlined in the
President's fiscal year 2014 budget that will help accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing and create jobs
across the country. In the first phase of this effort, the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture as well as
the Small Business Administration and Environmental Protection Agency will award at least 25 grants of up to
$200,000 each to help regions develop long-term economic development strategies intended to create a
globally competitive environment that will attract, retain, and expand investment and spur international trade
and exports.
Obama manufacturing plan introduced at West Valley plant
May 15, 2013 - In a recent visit to West Valley City's Hexcel Corporation, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce
Rebecca Blank touted a new program that President Barack Obama hopes will create more American
manufacturing jobs. Blank spoke to an audience of Hexcel employees, local government leaders, and the
media about the "Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership," which rewards communities like West
Valley for their plans to attract and expand manufacturing in their areas. It uses targeted investments in
workforce training, research, infrastructure and related key assets.
Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing, Region by Region
May 13, 2013 - During a trip to Austin, TX in May, President Obama announced the new Investing in
Manufacturing Communities Partnership, the first phase of a two-phase effort by the Commerce Department's
Economic Development Administration (EDA). Focused squarely on the fact that the locus of U.S.
manufacturing prowess is emphatically local and regional, the new competitive solicitation will allow as many
as 25 local communities to be awarded $200,000 this year to create smart strategies for leveraging and
aligning their public- and private-sector assets to provide a promising environment for advanced
Coalition researching manufacturing initiative
April 25, 2013 - The Dayton Development Coalition is researching a new White House initiative that would
assist economically hard-hit communities rebuild their manufacturing bases and lure jobs back to the U.S. from
overseas. The Investing in Manufacturing Communities' Partnership, announced last week by U.S. Deputy
Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank, would award up to 25 communities this year with $200,000 each to
create strategies to build or enhance manufacturing and research hubs.
State Program Helps Manufacturers Find the Intersection of Sustainability and Profitability
April 24, 2013 - "Sounds great. If we invest in all that, are we going to get our money back?" Randy Bertram,
the director of the sustainability program at the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP), is
used to hearing this question when he talks to a business about sustainability. But thanks to a new program in
Wisconsin, the Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI), more and more, the answer is yes.
Commerce secretary highlights manufacturing plan
April 18, 2013 - Utah's burgeoning manufacturing sector was highlighted Thursday during a visit from a high-
ranking member of the Obama administration. Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank toured a
local manufacturing plant as she unveiled an initiative that the federal government hopes will reinvigorate an
industry hit especially hard by the Great Recession. Blank said the Investing in Manufacturing Communities
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment

Partnership is an administration initiative aimed at accelerating the growth of manufacturing nationwide and
helping communities cultivate an environment for business to create high-paying jobs.
NASCAR Partners with Liberty Tire Recycling
April 12, 2013 - NASCAR has designated Liberty Tire Recycling as the official tire recycler of NASCAR Green,
a month-long, industry wide effort to reduce the sport's carbon footprint. Liberty Tire Recycling, which recycles
more than 140 million tires annually, reclaiming about 1.5 billion pounds of rubber for new products, joins other
official NASCAR Green partners Coca-Cola, MillerCoors, Creative Recycling, Goodyear, Safety-Kleen and
Sprint. Last May, NASCAR and the EPA signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at raising racing fans'
awareness of environmentally friendly products and initiatives.
Manufacturers gain from Profitable Sustainability Initiative
February 28, 2013 - An innovative program to promote sustainable manufacturing in Wisconsin has availability
for 32 additional manufacturers. The Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI), managed by the Wisconsin
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) and the Northwest Wisconsin Manufacturing Outreach Center
(NWMOC), helps small and midsize manufacturers develop sustainable practices that save money and
improve competitiveness.
UPS Greens Up NASCAR Deliveries
February 22, 2013 - UPS has announced environmental upgrades to the trackside pick-up and delivery options
it provides to NASCAR, including the use of a new exhaust system and solar power. Under the agreement,
NASCAR will use products that have earned EPA's Design for the Environment label at racing events.
NASCAR will also encourage its suppliers to get an "E3 tuneup," to increase productivity while reducing energy
and materials use. The EPA's E3 (Economy, Energy, and the Environment) program promotes sustainable
manufacturing and US economic growth.
NASCAR's sustainability race: Q&A with Mike Lynch
February 22, 2013 - NASCAR likes doing things big and its sustainability efforts are no exception. From tire
recycling to using biofuels, the car racing giant is putting itself in pole position. The NASCAR brand carries a lot
of weight in the sports world and that girth has allowed it to introduce some of sports' biggest green solutions to
a largely receptive audience.
WVU engineering professor to help reduce industrial waste in West Virginia
February 11, 2013 - Ashish Nimbarte, assistant professor of industrial and management systems engineering
at West Virginia University, earned a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to implement
source reduction through on-site assessments of industrial facilities. Small- and medium-sized manufacturing
facilities in Martinsburg, Parkersburg, Charleston, Huntington and Wheeling, W.Va., under the auspices of the
West Virginia Sustainable Communities, will participate in this project.
Duke Energy helps fund workforce development initiative in South Carolina
January 31, 2013 - As part of its commitment to bolster South Carolina's manufacturing base, Duke Energy will
fund workforce development initiatives in the state to help provide a next-generation workforce in key cluster
areas. These initiatives will advance economic development and enhance employment opportunities for South
Carolinians, thereby providing industry with a highly qualified pool of employees.
E3: Economy - Energy - Environment