ERA'S In-Use Vehicle Emissions
Surveillance Program

Will my vehicle be mistreated in any way?
No, every aspect of the test program has been designed to duplicate everyday operation.
Exactly what will be done to my vehicle?
An underhood inspection will be performed on each vehicle. In some cases routine maintenance
or repair may take place if required for testing. The vehicle is allowed to sit with the engine off for
12 to 36 hours so that it reaches the temperature of the test cell. This simulates overnight parking.
Once the vehicle has reached the correct temperature, it is pushed onto a dynomameter, a type of
treadmill for vehicles, that simulates typical driving conditions. A hose is connected to the exhaust
pipe to collect the exhaust. A trained driver starts the vehicle and drives it through cycles that
simulate suburban and urban driving. While the vehicle is running, the exhaust is collected for
analysis. This analysis allows us to calculate the vehicle's exhaust emissions. Values for city
and highway fuel economy are also calculated. Typically a vehicle will run through 3-4 of these
test sequences.
Testing could also include driving your vehicle outside on specific routs with a portable emissions
measuring system. This allow us to calculate emissions under real-life driving conditions.
How many miles will my vehicle be driven during the program?
Your vehicle will be driven approximately 300 odometer miles during the testing. The majority of
these miles will be accumulated indoors on the dynamometer. A 10-minute road test might precede
the dynamometer testing.
How will my vehicle be protected while in EPA's laboratory?
Your vehicle will be covered by insurance while it is in our possession. Your vehicle will be stored
indoors while the majority of the testing is being conducted. If required to be parked outside,
your vehicle will be located in a locked and secured area at the EPA National Vehicle and Fuels
Emission Laboratory (NVFEL).
What happens to the information obtained from my vehicle?
The information collected as a result of this program is used to determine the emissions perfor-
mance of in-use vehicles and its effect on air quality. The data from your vehicle is combined
with data from other vehicles in this area in order to allow us to draw valid conclusions about
the vehicle classes that we test.

How can I obtain the results from the testing of my vehicle?
If you request, we will send you the test results after the tests are completed and all the data has
been processed.
What happens if my vehicle fails to meet any emission standards?
We expect that a certain portion of vehicles will fail to meet one or more of the emission stan-
dards. However, none of the information collected from this program will be used against indi-
vidual vehicle owners.
How will my monetary incentive be calculated?
You will be offered $20.00 per day and a loaner vehicle for every day your vehicle is at the National
Vehicle and Fuels Emission Laboratory (NVFEL). If you do not want a loaner vehicle, you will be
offered $50.00 per day. The compensation will be based on whole days, beginning with the day your
vehicle arrives. It will end one day after you are notified your car is ready for return. If you do not
wish to provide your social security number, you have the option to cap the total incentive at $599.
Who may participate?
Anyone, except employees of Jacobs (the contractor) or EPA, shall be eligible for consideration as a
candidate vehicle owner for the above-mentioned program.