ENERGY STARŪ, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
program, helps us all save money and protect our environment
through energy efficient products and practices. For more
information, visit www.energystar.gov.
Promoting ENERGY STARŪ Qualified
Commercial Dishwashers:
Frequently Asked Questions
When can we become a partner?
Commercial dishwasher manufacturers may sign on to the Partnership Agreement (PA) once the
specification has become final. The final specification and PA are sent in the same e-mail this sheet
is attached to. EPA will send a "Welcome Aboard Package" as a receipt of your completed PA. You
will also receive a username and password upon activation to access the ENERGY STAR logos on
the program Web site.
How can we access the ENERGY STAR logos/marks? How should the marks be used?
New partners will receive a username and password to access the marks at www.eneravstar.aov/logos. Current
partners can access the logos using their existing sign-in at the web site above. We recommend that partners
download the ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines at the link above and review this "brand book" for guidance in
using the marks.
When can we submit products?
Commercial dishwasher manufacturers may submit products once the specification has become final.
Manufacturers may want to submit products along with their completed PA.
When can we advertise our ENERGY STAR partnership and qualified products?
EPA requests that partners hold off on advertising and marketing until the North American Food Service Equipment
Manufacturers (NAFEM) show in October 2007. EPA asks manufacturers not to advertise "ENERGY STAR
qualification pending" or similar language, as EPA will not be posting a list of qualified commercial dishwashers on
energystar.gov until October 11, 2007.
Please note: manufacturers may, in advance of NAFEM, place ads in NAFEM show-focused publications who's
issues may appear just before October 11, 2007 (Example: FEDA News and Views bi-monthly for Sept./Oct. 2007).
EPA requests that manufacturers contact EPA to coordinate press/advertisements for special cases like this.
Can we provide brochures, signage, etc, at our booth at NAFEM 2007?
EPA looks forward to partners promoting their partnership and qualified products at the show! Please contact
ENERGY STAR for assistance in doing so, or to brainstorm specification launch and promotion activities
associated with your exhibit plans at NAFEM.
When can our Web site be updated to show the ENERGY STAR Partnership or
Promotional Mark?
EPA asks that manufacturers update their Web site with the ENERGY STAR marks on or after October 11, 2007.
When do I need to submit my Marketing Plan to EPA?
In the Partner Commitments under "Performance for Special Distinction," EPA mentions a marketing plan from
partners who want to achieve more with ENERGY STAR. This can be as informal or as formal as you wish. The
plan is useful in helping to provide information to EPA, so that we can better support you as a partner. There is no
formal deadline for providing a plan.
Who should I contact for more information?

Kate Lewis, US EPA
ENERGY STAR Marketing Manager
(202) 343-9024
Gwen Dobbs, Senior Associate
ICF International
(202) 862-1230