United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
July 2019
Instructions for Requesting a Nonresident Exemption
Nonconforming motor vehicles may be temporarily imported into the U.S. by a nonresident for
personal use by the owner (importer) for a period not to exceed one year. Only individual
nonresidents may import a vehicle through a nonresident exemption. The conditions of this temporary
exemption are:
	Vehicle may not be sold or otherwise transferred to another party in the U.S.;
	Exemption is voided if the vehicle is either used for commercial purposes, or used principally
by any person other than the owner (or spouse of the owner); and
	Vehicle must be exported after one year, or upon the nonresident departing the U.S., whichever
comes first. Taking a vehicle into Canada or Mexico does not constitute exportation unless
the vehicle was from Mexico or Canada.
To request a Nonresident Temporary Importation Approval Letter from EPA; please provide
the following information in a letter that is signed by the requestor/importer:
1.	Your full name, current foreign address, phone number, Fax number, and email address (if
2.	Your U.S. address, phone number, Fax number, and email address (if applicable)
3.	Vehicle year, make, model and Vehicle Identification Number
4.	A statement explaining the reason for your visit to the United States. (Work/school/vacation).
5.	The date of the importation
6.	Location of the vehicle and the Nonresident at the time of request.
7.	The duration of the importation.
As part of your request for this exemption, you are consenting to EPA to collect and store your
Personally Identifiable Information. As part of your request please include the following sentence;
I consent to EPA collecting and storing my name, mailing address, email address, phone
number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
If you choose not to include this consent statement in your request, EPA cannot process it.
This information is not shared with any outside parties and is used solely for the purpose of
considering your request for this exemption.
Please fax or email your application to:
EPA Imports Line	Operated by:
Imports Group	David Hurlin
Li ght Duty Vehi cl e C enter	C ontractor, Jacob s
Compliance Division
2000 Traverwood Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: (734)214-4100
Email: Imports@epa.gov