ENERGY STAR Program Requirements
for Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors
Partner Commitments

Eligible Organizations:
Utilities; national, regional, state, or local government entities; or other organizations
involved in coordinating and/or administering an energy-efficiency program or environmental education
campaign that promotes or intends to promote ENERGY STAR qualified products, homes, and/or
The following are the terms of the ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement as it pertains to regional
ENERGY STAR Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors. The ENERGY STAR PARTNER must adhere to the
following program requirements:
comply with current ENERGY STAR Logo Use Guidelines, describing how the ENERGY STAR labels and
name may be used. PARTNER is responsible for adhering to these guidelines and for ensuring that its
authorized representatives, such as advertising agencies, dealers, and distributors, are also in
promote ENERGY STAR brand awareness and the ENERGY STAR program as an easy and desirable
way for customers/stakeholders to help protect the environment and save on energy bills;
use ENERGY STAR, in a manner consistent with the national ENERGY STAR efforts, as a platform to
promote highly efficient products, buildings, and/or homes that meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR
qualifying levels;
submit all marketing materials and template designs developed for PARTNER'S ENERGY STAR
promotions to ENERGY STAR for review to ensure accuracy of ENERGY STAR logo use and consistency
of the ENERGY STAR message. PARTNER will allow a minimum of five full working days for ENERGY
STAR to review and approve marketing templates;
develop and submit, within three months of agreement activation, a program plan outlining the specific
measures that PARTNER will take in cooperatively promoting ENERGY STAR. Once the PARTNER
submits its program plan, the PARTNER will be listed as an ENERGY STAR PARTNER. PARTNER may
choose to submit its annual plan or other organizational documents in place of developing a new plan.
The documentation should explain the specific ENERGY STAR program areas in which the PARTNER will
focus, program goals, and the specific activities to be undertaken. PARTNER may choose to participate
by promoting any or all ENERGY STAR labeled products, homes, or buildings. ENERGY STAR will make
available model action plans and PARTNER may visit www.enerqvstar.gov/OPIE to learn about initiatives
being undertaken by other partners throughout the country. In addition, PARTNER is encouraged to share
information with its ENERGY STAR account manager during the program planning process;
provide regular, written updates to ENERGY STAR on which program areas PARTNER is promoting (e.g.,
lighting, new homes, etc) and the efforts undertaken by PARTNER to increase availability of ENERGY
STAR qualified products, homes, or buildings and to promote awareness of ENERGY STAR and its
work with ENERGY STAR to include industry in program planning cycles;
provide annual input to ENERGY STAR on the efficacy of PARTNER initiatives promoting ENERGY STAR
labeled products, homes, and/or buildings and increasing ENERGY STAR awareness (e.g. GRPS, etc.);
notify EPA/DOE of a change in the designated responsible party or contacts within 30 days.
ENERGY STAR Requirements for Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors	1

Performance for Special Distinction
In order to receive additional recognition and/or support from EPA/DOE for its efforts within the
Partnership, the ENERGY STAR PARTNER may consider the following voluntary measures and should keep
EPA/DOE informed on the progress of these efforts:
consider energy efficiency improvements in company facilities and pursue the ENERGY STAR label for
purchase ENERGY STAR labeled products. Revise the company purchasing or procurement
specifications to include ENERGY STAR. Provide procurement officials' contact information to EPA/DOE
for periodic updates and coordination. Circulate general ENERGY STAR labeled product information to
employees for use when purchasing products for their homes;
provide general information about the ENERGY STAR program to employees whose jobs are relevant to
the development, marketing, sales, and service of current ENERGY STAR labeled product models;
feature the ENERGY STAR label(s) on PARTNER web site and in other promotional materials. If
information concerning ENERGY STAR is provided on the PARTNER web site, EPA/DOE may provide
links where appropriate to the PARTNER web site;
recruit retailers to participate in their local/regional ENERGY STAR promotions and ensure that
participating retailers agree to comply with the ENERGY STAR logo use guidelines. PARTNER agrees to
monitor those stores' use of the ENERGY STAR logo in advertisements and in showroom floor labeling,
and to take the lead in resolving improper logo use by its contractors or by participating local stores.
Partners choosing to recruit local retail partners should:
>	provide a list of participating local dealers to EPA/DOE in electronic format for posting on the
ENERGY STAR store locator. PARTNER also agrees to provide periodic updates as new dealers
join the program;
>	train sales staff on the ENERGY STAR program. This training shall include: a) identification of
ENERGY STAR labeled products within the store, b) tips for selling ENERGY STAR labeled
products, and c) tips for answering questions about the ENERGY STAR program;
>	periodically monitor point-of-purchase displays to ensure the accurate placement and labeling of
qualified products in retail partner stores;
>	for appliances, provide aggregate ENERGY STAR labeled product sales data or other market
indicators from PARTNER'S local or regional promotions on an annual basis. The data for each
calendar year should be submitted to EPA/DOE no later than the following March and may be
provided directly from the PARTNER or through a third party. The data will be used by EPA/DOE
only for program evaluation purposes and will be closely controlled. If requested under the
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), EPA/DOE will argue that the data is exempt. Any information
used will be masked by EPA/DOE so as to protect the confidentiality of the PARTNER.
ENERGY STAR Requirements for Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors