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March 2007
Fresh Ideas for Savings.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Refrigerators
Make it Simple.


Save with an ENERGY STAR Qualified
Save Energy. Today's ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators use half
as much energy as ones made before 1993.
Save Money. Replacing one of these older refrigerators with a
new ENERGY STAR model can save nearly $55 per year on your
energy bill.
Save your Food. Advanced temperature and humidity controls and
special compartments help keep perishable foods cold so they stay
fresh longer.
Save the Environment. By using energy more efficiently, ENERGY
STAR qualified refrigerators help reduce air pollution and
greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
To find out more about how to choose an energy-efficient
refrigerator, visit www.energystar.gov/refrigerators.
How These Refrigerators Save Energy
More Precise Temperature Mechanisms	
help the refrigerator operate more efficiently, while
ensuring food is kept at the optimum temperature.
Improved Insulation	
located in doors and exterior walls
helps food stay cold and muffles noise.
High Efficiency Compressors •
use less energy to operate the
refrigerator, often are quieter than
regular compressors, and create
less heat while they are running.
How Much is that
6-Pack Costing You?
If you have a second
refrigerator in your garage or
basement it's probably costing
more than you think...as
much as $100 per year! That's
a stiff price to pay to keep a
few beverages cool.
Find Out by Using
Refrigerator Calculator
Our new calculator will help
you decide whether or not it's
time to say goodbye to your
old refrigerator. The calculator
is located atwww.energystar.gov/refrigerators.
If you decide to retire your refrigerator, you'll save enough
money over the next 5 years to buy 125 twelve-packs of soda.
Visitwww.earth911.org for information on proper disposal
and recycling.
If you truly need a second refrigerator, consider these tips:
•	Plug it in only when needed. If you need extra food storage
around holidays or special events, then keep the old refrigerator
but only plug it in when needed. Leaving it off for 10 months of
the year can save over $85.
•	Replace it with an ENERGY STAR, if you only need space for a
few drinks, replace your old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR