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WaterSense Promotional Label Use Guidelines
What is the WaterSense builder promotional label and how is it different
from the other WaterSense promotional marks?
The WaterSense builder promotional label is used by builder partners to communicate that they
build WaterSense labeled new homes. The builder promotional label may only be used by
WaterSense builder partners that offer WaterSense labeled new homes or are in the process of label-
ing newly constructed homes.
What does the WaterSense builder promotional label look like?
The builder promotional label is a solid-color, house-shaped mark that includes the WaterSense label
and "we build" written above the label. The colors used to make the label are Pantone 364 (green)
and Pantone 641 (blue), and the fonts are Rotis Semi Serif - 65 and Helvetica Roman.
The WaterSense builder promotional label must be reproduced so that all of its components are legi-
ble. The mark should not be distorted or altered in any way. Pictured below is the builder promotion-
al label with a blue and a black background, as well as a pure black and white version. All these
versions are available for use by WaterSense builder partners.
How and where should the WaterSense builder promotional label be used?
Only builders or residential construction companies that have in place a signed, current WaterSense
partnership agreement with EPA may use the builder promotional label. The builder promotional
label should be used by builder partners to clearly identify themselves as builders of WaterSense
labeled homes. Use of the builder promotional label in materials is an easy, visual way for builders to
alert customers that they build water-efficient homes that help consumers save on water and energy
costs without sacrificing quality or curb appeal.