j	March 18-24,2019
4 * Fix a Leak Week
First downs to touchdowns - WaterSense partners scored big during Fix a Leak
Week XI by helping put a stop to the nearly 1 trillion gallons of water wasted in U.S.
homes each year from easy-to-fix leaks. Sponsored by EPA's WaterSense program, the
annual Fix a Leak Week was held March 18 through 24, 2019 across the nation and
Canada. The celebration featured races, giveaways, workshops, and a whole lot of
fun. WaterSense also celebrated the week with the launch of a Spanish version of its
website which featured tips to fix leaks.
Across the country, WaterSense partners helped kick-
off Fix a Leak Week by participating in the 2nd Twitter
relay on March 18, 2019 by tweeting the hashtag
#FixaLeak. WaterSense partners from different areas of
the country took turns posting and sharing tips, facts,
and images on finding and fixing leaks and events in
their area. There were four teams—Eastern, Central,
Mountain, and Western—with a total 33 partners in
the relay. The twitter party resulted in:
•	1,237 contributors
•	3,275 total tweets
•	And 15.9 million impressions
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WaterSense Partner Relay
Fix a Leak Week Twitter Party
Go with the flow of Americans working to rj.
stop the nearly 1 trillion gallons of water TT%
wasted annually by household leaks
DATE March 18, 2019
TIME: 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT	\jT
HASHTAG: #FixaLeak
Check. Twist. Replace.
WaterSense partners chased down leaks by holding
5-kilometer (5k) races and festivals.
• Citrus County Utilities in Florida hosted a booth
at the Shrimpapalooza Festival. Team members
talked about leak detection, distributed toilet dye
tablets, and provided the WaterSense Fix a Leak
Week Family Fact Sheet.
Partner Event Map located on the WaterSense Facebook page.
•	The Fort Worth Runners Club partnered with the
City of Fort Worth, Texas to hold the annual Chasing
Leaks 5k along with the Earth Party to encourage
residents to fix leaks and help low-income families
pay for water bills.
•	The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning
District, Chattanooga Nature Center, and Atlanta
Regional Commission came together to hold the
annual Water Drop Dash 5k and kid's fun run,
followed by a water festival. The water festival
included kids' crafts and face painting from local
water utilities and sponsors. Participants Could also
win indoor and outdoor water conservations kits.
•	The City of Charlottesville, Virginia held its annual
Fix a Leak Week Family 5k during the Rivanna
Riverfest. This year's 5k race was a little different with
the event being held on May 11th to coincide with
the festival. The event had water activities, music,
and water monitoring demonstrations.
June 2019

Team work makes the dream work when it comes to
communities fixing leaks. Partners held interactive
workshops throughout Fix a Leak Week.
•	The Arizona Municipal Water Users Association
(AMWUA) hosted free water efficiency
workshops for the community. They also added a
Spanish version of their Smart Home Water Guide
to provide homeowners with free resources and
information on finding and fixing leaks.
•	Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) in
Georgia provided hands-on demonstrations
to show customers how to check for leaks and
make simple repairs. Customers also received
tips on how to save water and information on the
CCWA's toilet rebate program.
•	The City of Roseville, California hosted two
Do-It-Yourself Irrigation Workshops and an
interpretive exhibit in the City's museum and
library lobby. In high water use areas of the city
door-to-door giveaways were distributed.
•	The City of Scottsdale, Arizona offered a free
landscape workshop taking residents through best
practices and common problem areas to check
when looking for outdoor leaks.
•	Irvine Ranch Water District in California hosted
a workshop during Fix a Leak Week to show how
to examine sprinkler components and find leaks
from indoor fixtures. They also had a Fix a Leak
Week photo contest.
Many folks walked away with free WaterSense labeled
products during Fix a Leak Week.
•	Burbank Water and Power in California provided
free water saving showerheads and faucet aerators
for bathrooms and kitchens.
•	The Capital Regional District in British
Columbia offered residents free leak detection
kits containing valuable tools to help reduce
household water waste. Kit contents included
toilet dye tablets, faucet aerator, shower bag to
Irvine Ranch Water District Workshop in California.
measure flows, drip gauge, and a household water
efficiency guide.
•	The City of Bozeman, Montana aided in helping
residents fight against leaking fixtures by providing
free repair kits. Each kit included toilet dye tablets,
assorted faucet washers, Teflon tape, a drip gauge,
and a faucet aerator.
•	The City of Concord, New Hampshire provided
residents with free toilet leak detection dye test kits
and hosted a Royal Leak Detection Contest to win a
WaterSense labeled toilet. Residents had a chance at
a new "throne" by submitting an entry form online
or in person or sharing how to find and fix leaks on
social media.
•	The City of Sacramento Department Utilities
in California helped residents in disadvantaged
neighborhoods with fixing leaks. Plumbers replaced,
or repaired leaking fixtures and replaced pre-1992
toilets, showerheads, and aerators with WaterSense
labeled models for free.
•	The municipalities of Charlottetown, Cornwall, and
Stratford, Prince Edward Island held a prize drawing
with a grand prize of a water efficient toilet for
•	The City of Winter Haven, Florida utility partnered
with area students helping them become leak
detectives in their school and homes by providing
leak detection kits.
Fix a Leak Week 2020 is
March 16 ¦ 22