Cam po-Cottonwood
Sole Source Aquifer
Designated Area
	 Designation Boundary
= Highway
] Indian Reservation
City/Town A/i llage
of So>e Source Aquifer
Notes and Explanation:
The Campo-Cottonwood Sole Source
Aquifer was designated under the
authority of Sectionl 424(e) of the Safe
Drinking Water Act Federal Register
Citation- 49 FR 2948, Publication
Date- 01.24.84. Please contact US EPA
Region IX (Hillary Hecht, 415.972.3530)
for assistance in determining place
locations with respect to the project
review area.
Updated by:
Michael Klatt, Indus Corp.
December, 2001
2 0
Campo-Cottonwood SSA
2 4 6 8
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sh own.
12 Miles
Region 9 GIS Center
December 2001