July 2002
1. Testing Frequency for Specifications of Used Oil Burned for Energy
Any person who first claims that used oil that is to be burned for energy recovery
meets the specifications outlined in 40 CFR Section 279.11 is a used oil marketer
(Section 279.72). Must a used oil marketer test the used oil to determine the
specifications? How often must a used oil marketer perform analysis of the used oil or
update specification data to ensure that the used oil meets specification?
The specification determination may be made either by testing the used oil or by
using historical analytical results, other handler's testing results, or personal knowledge of
the source and composition of the used oil. The frequency of analysis of the used oil
depends on a number of site-specific considerations. For example, if some action,
mixing, or storage condition affects the physical or chemical composition of the used oil,
a marketer must re-evaluate the specification of the used oil (Memo, Shapiro to Dixon;
November 27, 1996). Used oil handlers making a specification claim should provide
documentation of testing and sampling methods used as well as the frequency of
sampling in the facility's records (57 FR 41566, 41597; September 10, 1992).
FB 14626